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ndneyez 08-07-2006 01:19 PM

Winners List For Mt. Pleasant
Junior Boys (6-11)

1) Tristan Lasley
2) Nodin Shawanda
3) Brandon Hinojosa
4) Colin Peters

1) Gabe Desrosiers Jr.
2) Quinten Schwander
3) Naakwaam Shawanda
4) Nathan TaTe Lasley

1) Terrance Cleveland
2) Delano Cleveland
3) Meeshe Shawanda
4) Sonny LittleHead

Junior Girls (6-11)

1) Zamantha Funmaker
2) Naomi Nevaquaya
3) Renee Cleveland
4) Skylar Ballew

1) Rebekah Nevaquaya
2) Coral Gillette
3) Sierra White
4) Waskwane Stonefish

1) Tarian Lasley
2) Laryn Oakes
3) Kianna White
4) Aerius Benton

Teen Boys (12-17)

1) Albert Hindsley
2) Adakai Hindsley
3) Louis Little Wind
4) Daruis Isnana

1) Joseph Baldwin
2) Isaac LittleWind
3) D.J. Whitehouse
4) Leigh Yazzie

1) Rick Cleveland Jr.
2) David White Jr.
3) Naanan Williams
4) Enrique Pina

Teen Girls (12-17)

1) Charish Marie Toehay
2) Decora Hawk
3) Megan Isnana
4) Cecily St. Cyr

1) Cheyenne Petoskey
2) Victoria Nevaquaya
3) Ramona Benton
4) Summer Hindsley

1) Anhunga Whitecloud
2) Shibabe Hodge
3) Faith Deconte
4) Annah Crooks

ndneyez 08-07-2006 10:41 PM

Golden Age (50+)

1) Gerald Cleveland Sr.
2) Clifford LittleWind
3) Mike King
4) Joe Plain

1) Iris Cleveland
2) Charlene Cozad
3) Dolores Goodeagle
4) Nita Track

Men's Junior Adults (18-35)

1) Adrian Klein Sr.
2) Gabe Cleveland
3) Ruben Little Head
4) Dakota McGurk

1) Buck Spotted Tail
2) Taite Honadick
3) Josh Richardson
4) Aaron Lussier

1) Wayne Silas Jr.
2) Tyler Lasley
3) Aaron TwoCrow

Women's Junior Adults (18-35)

1) Andrea Redman
2) Allison La Plante
3) Miranda Thomas
4) Alva Fiddler

1) Dorothy Crowfeather
2) Alexa Rae Funmaker
3) Paula Hedgepeth
4) Wenonah Bird

1) Nahmi Lasley
2) Rose Track
3) Star Lasley
4) Matilda Littlehead

Men's Senior Adults (36-49)

1) Charles Hindsley
2) Edmond Tate Navaquoya
3) Truman "Ah-hu" Williams
4) Ken Funmaker

1) William Hindsley
2) Gabe Desrosiers Sr.
3) Walker Stonefish
4) Calvin Hill

1) Jerry Cleveland Jr.
2) Tom Snowball Sr.
3) Daniel Tramper
4) Norbert Nez

Women's Senior Adults (36-49)

1) Marci Fiddler
2) Cheryl Funmaker
3) Vanny Wheelock
4) Dr. Lita Mathews

1) Melinda Whitecloud
2) Sharon Fineday
3) Dianne Desrosiers
4) Vicki Hindsley

1) Irene Oakes
2) Lillian Goodeagle
3) Barbara Whitehead O'rourke
4) Karen Lewis

Southern Categories (18-49)

1) Ronnie Dee Goodeagle
2) Shawn Foye
3) Marshall Funmaker
4) Mack Kingbird

1) Travis Lovett
2) Allen Pay-kwin
3) James Chupco

Buckskin/Cloth Combined
1) Delaine Alley Snowball
2) Monica Raphael
3) Elizabeth Nevaquaya
4) Sandy Tate Nevaquaya

Drum Contest
1) Pipestone
2) Eagle Flight
3) Whitefish Jr.'s
4) Redstone Ojibwe
5) Stoney Creek
6) Southern Wind

Dance Specials

Women's Traditional
1) Miranda Thompson
2) Alva Fiddler
3) Andrea Redman

Old Style Jingle
1) Melinda Whitecloud
2) Paula Hedgepeth
3) Dorothy Crowfeather

1) Dakota McGurk
***Gonna have to get back to you on the rest***

Hand Drum Winners
1) Good Fellas: Wayne Silas & Co.

Youth Step & Men's Traditional: Gonna have to get back to you on that.....My sister has the winners list in her truck :0)

~danielle~ 08-08-2006 02:21 PM

Congratulations to my Baby Girl Aerius Benton!!!!

~*Oji_Flava*~ 08-08-2006 02:32 PM

ndneyez, I copied your post and pasted at ndnsports...

inquiring minds wanted to know.

Danielle: your girl was jammin! Good to see you. :thumbsup:

thizgirlpowwows 08-08-2006 03:18 PM

congrats to all the winners........sounded like a goot one.......have to make my way there sometime, maybe next year

oklastyledancer 08-08-2006 03:52 PM

Southern Categories (18-49)

1) Ronnie Dee Goodeagle I THOUGHT THIS GUY IS OVER 49 YEARS OLD?????
2) Shawn Foye
3) Marshall Funmaker
4) Mack Kingbird

1) Travis Lovett
2) Allen Pay-kwin
3) James Chupco

Buckskin/Cloth Combined
1) Delaine Alley Snowball
2) Monica Raphael
3) Elizabeth Nevaquaya
4) Sandy Tate Nevaquaya

Polly Powwow 08-08-2006 05:09 PM

Oh well he dancers like he's 29 years old!!!

sltate 08-08-2006 08:17 PM

This was a fun pow wow!!! We had a great time and the committee was excellent. They had a give-away on Sunday and gave gifts to all the dancers, singers and veterans. We were not sure we were going to go, so we did not have a room reserved and they assisted us with a tribal rate. Their hotel and casino are fabulous.
The vendors were really good too and the atmosphere was calm and enjoyable. It is just a good pow wow to attend. So, put it on your list for next year. The weather was great and we danced one session per day, no marathon dancing at this one. LOL
We made the mistake of going through Chicago on the way up, yikes....we came back through Indianapolis on the way back it was much shorter time wise and gas wise, too. LOL
We are planning to return next year. Great job to the committee and the tribe.

Kiwehnzii 08-08-2006 09:14 PM

Congrats on your win sltate. I got 4th too. Pays for the gas & hotel, innit.

I put another face to the name. Glad you liked Ojib territory.

Dweick 08-09-2006 02:01 AM

my family and I made it for sunday,
the weather was a hot one
But it was amazing to see the cirlce filled with so many dancers
it was crowded.
but we had fun watching.
definatly going to make plans for the weekend next year :thumbsup:

p_town_mami 08-09-2006 10:49 AM

Good job to Maia, Melissa, Ili, and the rest of the pow-wow committee for putting on a rockin pow-wow! :appl: :cheer:

cute_jinglin_sweetie 08-09-2006 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by p_town_mami
Good job to Maia, Melissa, Ili, and the rest of the pow-wow committee for putting on a rockin pow-wow! :appl: :cheer:

Thanks! It means a lot to hear compliments like that. Believe it or not we were stressed beyond what you could imagine, just because we weren't sure about how it was going from the perspective of the dancers, singers, and vendors. Hopefully we were respectful and curteous to everyone, sounds like everyone had a good time. Hope to see you all next year! :thumbsup:

LSS 08-09-2006 11:47 AM

Congratulations to Stoney Creek.

oklastyledancer 08-09-2006 04:42 PM

Oh well he dancers like he's 29 years old!!!

Ronnie Dee is one of the all time best. I just find it wrong that he got in this category despite being a few years over 49. He would of probably won Golden Age anyways. That is the point I was trying to make not that he doesn't dance like a 29 year old. I know plenty of people who can still go, but normally when we get beyond an age we move to the next category. Not hatin just being practical.

Kiwehnzii 08-09-2006 06:08 PM

I believe that - if there is a southern category, there should be an option to stay in the prospective category as RG did. Mt. Plez is in northern territory, so one would expect that the golden age is , in fact, a northern category.

The fancy dancer, Alan, from Albuquerque, danced in southern fancy division.

The only person I saw was Lita, who moved down to the 36-49 ladies northern traditional. I don't agree with that one, but............ I'm not on the committee, so what I say don't matter. It's just an opinion.

I loved the powwow. Had a great time. Good hospitality.

Maybe the committee would entertain the idea of having a suggestion thread. Not to bash, but give some people a chance to offer ways to improve the next years powwow. Whaddya think, girls?

dancing_plumes 08-10-2006 02:33 AM

I Totally Disagree With Moving Up Or Down!!!!!
Having jr and sr adult categories at these powwows are there for a reason. I believe that they are there to share the wealth and to have men and women compete with a level of competion of their own age. Period!!!!!
I don't agree with one being right and the other being wrong. They were both wrong!!!! There was a category for southern 18-49, In simplest terms, it wasn't 18-55 or 60, it was 18-49. Rather Ronnie was southern or not, the rules state that you have to compete in your own category, and that would of put him in the golden age. With the breakdown in the women's categories 18-35 and 36-49, this would of put Lita in the golden age.
I believe that Wilson and Sharron Roberts would've entered their respective categories, if they attended Mt.Pleasant powwow.
Back to the thread at hand, they couldn't kick one out, because there would be a legitimate complaint about the other. Not very confusing, if dancers would just respect the rules of the powwow.
I think to start a suggestion thread would be good, but what is there to improve. Maybe enforcing the rules!

ndnMSW 08-10-2006 11:43 AM

Let me start out first by saying that I didn't go to Mt. Pleasant this year, the first time in 6 years that I missed it. I used to live in MI and have always enjoyed this powwow, even back in the day when it was a community powwow before it became this big prize money powwow.

I have to comment on the age group thing though because it's something I have some strong feelings about. I believe that if the powwow has your specific dance category that you should be able to dance in it if you are an adult even if you are older than the age group.

Golden Age has always been mainly a traditional category, men and women, for the simple reason that most people had moved into that dance style by that age. However there are plenty of people who are hitting their 50's that are still physically able to continue in their own dance style, still be competitive, and still good at what they do. The golden age category contest songs are primarily Northern traditional songs, even though there are plenty of grass dancers, jingle dress dancers, and some fancy dancers that are 50 years and older. If you want to make everyone stay in their own age category, then to be fair all dance categories should be offered in the "golden age" so that the dancers can dance and compete to the appropriate songs for their dance style. However, we know that this is not realistic for just about any powwow committee, so what do you do?

You let the dancers who are NOT traditional dancers compete in their own dance style category if they are adults and don't care if they are dancing against the younger dancers. Denver March Powwow is a prime example of this. They have a 40 years and older division but it is all categories combined (they have a golden age division for 60 years and older). They do NOT make dancers dance in the 40 and older category if that dancer doesn't want to, if the dancer wants to compete in their own category. I know several shawl dancers and fancy dancers that stay in their own category rather than dance with the 40 and over because they can dance to their own songs. They are the ones taking a chance because they are dancing against younger dancers, with younger legs and lungs, but they just want to be in their own category with their own songs.

I do agree though that if it is a traditional dancer that is in golden age, they should stay in golden age because they will get their own songs and not move down just because the competition may be easier (I'm not criticizing Lita on this becaue I wasn't there, but I remember a couple of times when some different golden age ladies moved down at different powwows because they thought the comp was easier).

My suggestion for the powwow committee suggestion thread (lol) is to make the golden age category begin at 55 years and older. All the other powwows that have a Senior Adult category (35 years and older) begin their golden age at 55 years. I think this would be more respectful to all dancers, the younger 50 year dancers can stay in their own category like they want, and it gives the older golden age dancers a better chance. I know of at least one dancer last year at Mt. Pleasant that didn't want to be in golden age, wanted to stay in his own category (grass dance), but felt like he had to or else someone would complain because he had just turned 50.

Okay, I think I've said enough for someone that wasn't even there. I think the Mt. Pleasant committee always does a great job with their powwow and it sounds to me like they had another successful celebration.

oklastyledancer 08-10-2006 12:38 PM

ndnMSW, hey thanks for the insight and I want to make my point clear, I'm not hatin on one individual or anything. Being from the south and looking at powwow flyers and such and see the age group breakdowns, I thought about trying my luck outside of Oklahoma. But if this is the common rule, then with gas prices as they are I may think twice. I have been to several powwows in ND, MN and MT and had to compete against the Traditional dancers, because of no southern categories. I think maybe the age should then be dropped for a person so there one doesn't get the wrong impression.

Here's an example, I'm looking at a flyer for Shakopee and it shows southern categories and they dropped off the age for both men's fancy Northern and Southern and again in southern straight.

We cannot expect powwows to have age breakouts in all categories, unless your a MEGA Casino and can do it. Hats off to them tribes that can do that. Down here I think GA starts at 55 like you said, well thanks for some clarification.

Good luck to ya on the trail, I'll dance around here in Oklahoma where I know the rules better.... hahahahaha

ndnMSW 08-10-2006 12:55 PM

oklastyle, I didn't think you were hatin on anyone. I just saw an opportunity to give my lil' opinion on a subject that I'm interested in. I was going to include southern categories in my list of dance categories that don't necessarily have to dance in the golden age category, but then I would have gotten into a whole different can of worms because in Oklahoma (where my husband is from) the golden age category is primarily southern straight and southern traditional.....lol. Geography...gotta love it. BTW, didn't Woogie win men's fancy at the Indian Fair in Anadarko when he was in his 60's or so? I don't think anyone was going to suggest to him that he had to dance in golden age just because he was over 50 at any powwow.

I just think that, to clarify further, for those dance categories that are not typically represented in the golden age categories for the region that the powwow is in, the dancers should be able to dance in their own category if it's offered whether it's a northern or southern category if that dancer feels up to dancing against the younger crowd. (Dayum......talk about a run-on sentence.......lol) Okay I'll shut up now and get back to work.

cute_jinglin_sweetie 08-10-2006 08:15 PM

Age Categories
I did registration for all of the womens categories and I do remember Lita coming through and I thought that she might be in the golden age category....I didn't want to be disrespectful and accuse her of "jumping down" a category. Especially since it was a woman, we all know that women don't like talking about their age. I myself would have been offended if someone thought that I was supposed to be in golden age and I really wasn't. It's a sticky situation where you don't want to disrespect anyone but you still want to follow the rules. Had someone complained about it when she won then we would have asked for an ID to prove her age.

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