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ZooGardens 06-08-2018 12:47 AM

Questions to Answer the Questions
Somebody asked me why I have the physical traits that I have...

These are my questions for people who are wondering why.

1. Why would I need a deep, traveling voice if throughout my entire ancestral history, I have not come from open plains.. but from cold forests..
And I worked as a team, my team was no further away than the next tree, and I approached my prey by stealth and sneak attacks and my people communicated by conversation instead of simple yelling commands?

2. Why would I need long legs and arms, to perform ambush hunting ?

3. What possible good would tall and thin do me as an Ambush predator looking for medium to large herbivorous prey like Deer, Elk and Moose ?

4. What possible good would come out of me releasing my body heat to keep me cool when I rely on the outdoors, snow, ice, wind and water to keep me cool ?

5.What possible good is Melanin going to do for me in the snow, surrounded by green pine trees ?

6. Why would my eyes NOT be protected from multi-colored reflections, and from being surrounded by a wide array of color from all sources like plants, animals, the sun and UV reflections and the presence of shallow water ?
Why would I not be able to see a wide arrange of color either ?

7. Why would I need a relatively powerful sense of smell, when surrounded by trees and plant matter, eyesight is much more formidable dominant sense to have ?

8. Why would I need long distance vision, when my environment has been forests ?

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