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millsdrumming 11-15-2002 12:17 AM

bead work on jingle dress
Osiyo!! Ayv am making my daughters dress and I am going to do some bead work and I am wondering should I do the bead work right on to the dress or do Ayv do it on something else and so this on to the dress. If the last on what shoud I bead to?

I am a father trying to do the best I can for my daughter.
Wado, Walter

Suzizila 11-15-2002 04:17 AM

You might try beading (partial or full) a vest to go with your daughter dress. Vests seem to be the thing now. I've seen a few pictures in which a fully beaded vest was worn with the dress. The vest was just long enough to have a belt show from underneath it. The latest copy of Whispering Wind Magazine has an article featuring this. I hope this suggestion helps.

TradisH~*~QueeniE 11-20-2002 03:24 AM

bead work on jingle dresses looks kick @$$I think it shows just how much time, LOVE, and effor you put in to what you do

~*~MizzQaqimat~*~ 11-30-2002 12:01 PM

With my new dress, I'm having a big yoke. Should I fully bead it? Its one of the long yokes, I think there's some pics in the gallery of some. This kind of yoke


Riverwoman 11-30-2002 05:36 PM

I think that would look awesome if you did! Go ahead!:D

millsdrumming 11-30-2002 06:11 PM

Siyo Everyone! Is the yoke the part that goes over the shoulders? Ayv am new at this.

~*~MizzQaqimat~*~ 12-01-2002 10:17 AM

Ya, that's the yoke that goes over the shoulders. There's a link to a pic in my last post up there. So, I should bead it? Kewlies...I'll have a cloth one, and work on the beaded one. Thanks y'all!


n8tivechick 12-01-2002 04:41 PM

Yeah go nuts! if you like beading then you might want to have a commitment to your yoke to bead it... It would look beautiful and you better share some pics of it when you are done!!!!!!

and a suggestion to millsdrumming, since you are doing for best, i think that beadwork that is universal, so you can use it on more then one dress in the future, is a good idea. i think it saves time and effort. Also, that is so nice of you to help your daughter! how old is she?


Sweet Syilx 12-01-2002 05:12 PM

I also think that the yoke style or the vest style is the best way to go if you want to add beadwork to the dress. If you add it right to the dress itself, its going to present a problem when you need to clean the dress, it makes it a lot more fragile, and that is the last thing you want if you have a little one wearing the dress. That way, you can use the beadwork for a while, and just make new dresses to go underneath if your child grows out of a dress. Anyways, thats just my 2 cents. Let us see some pictures when you finish :)


millsdrumming 12-01-2002 06:13 PM

My daughter is 8 yrs old, and very small for her age. I call her tinker bell because she is so tiny. But she is full of fire. I will putthe beading on the yoke which I think is a good idea. Wado for all the help. I think I will make her a beaded vest. Thiswill look awesome I think. This is going to be her very first Dress and she can't wait. What am I saying....I can't wait. lol

n8tivechick 12-01-2002 07:52 PM

Well.. lemme just say this, my dad would have NEVER done anything like this for me! he hates to even sew buttons.... Break out the buttonier!!!! LOL
But your daughter is lucky, she'll thank you for it in the long run

hiawatha_49 12-04-2002 10:55 PM

You should make a yoke. .... use duck cloth- sew the edges first so they dont fray...and then draw a design on it and bead away.. after you can use edgework to sew on a lining!!you could make a simple yoke that is a circular shape....or a v-shape..its really easy

Pi Woman with Fire 12-05-2002 12:15 AM

That's such a cool idea...go for it!!

~*DopeLilMama*~ 12-07-2002 01:40 AM

millsdrumming, youre an awesome dad to do that for your daughter....:Thumbs

millsdrumming 12-07-2002 05:30 PM

Siyo supergirlie_fancy1 Wado for that. I never had the chance to learn my culture until now so I am trying to be sure she knows as much as she can, plus she said she wanted to be a jingle dancer. So since I am the one that sews I am the one that will do it. Plus I have a strong desire to do this for her. I have a little fear that I will mess it up, but I know that Creator is with me. So this will be a great path for me to take with my daughter.
Wado/ Miigwetch/Thank you. smile, Wally

~*DopeLilMama*~ 12-07-2002 06:38 PM

hey millsdrumming... i only live half an hour from duluth... plus i know how to make jingle dresses... maybe i could help you out some... i don't have a lot goin' on as far as outfit making right now.... it would give me something to do.....plus we could make your daughter look really cool.....

millsdrumming 12-07-2002 07:11 PM

Osiyo supergirlie_fancy1!! That would be awesome. A friend told me since this is the first dress I ever made.....well first of any clothing i made that I should make a practice one out of cheap matieral so that i don't waiste and ofthe good material. Then I could use that for my pattern which makes alot of since to me.

Once I do this Then I will go and buy the things I need. there is a place here that sells the rolled cones which is a good thing for me.
You said you live a half an hour away thats not to far at all. Do you live north or south of us? I have a friend in Cloque that her niece helped teach my daughter how to jinge some. I have to say she was very scared but after a while she was going for it. Right now she only knows a basic step. I am trying to teach her to go with the beat of the drum. he he she is stuck on a fast beat. I have her practice jumping up and down so her leggs get some strength in them....what do you think of this and do you think it will will work? Do you have any other ideas that will strengthen her leggs. WE have a Little Otter tape that we got from a pow wow on the Milli lac Rez. I love it I go to sleep listening to this.
Well let me know. Wado, Wally

eagleclan22 12-08-2002 06:54 PM

I have a good idea :eek:

You can make ME one at the same time too!! OMG thats the best idea Ive heard yet!! Jk Just trying to save myself some work :Chatter

~*DopeLilMama*~ 12-08-2002 07:04 PM

hey millsdrdumming i tried to pm you.... um anyways i can help your little girl with her dancing too.. just cuz i dance fancy doesn't mean i don't know how to jingle.... my daughter dances jingle.. shes only three though... i know how to make dresses & i do a lot of beadwork.... hey besides a vest or yoke you could make her some side drops too... i've seen girls with those & it looks pretty ace.... yeah & at the moment i don't have a lot goin' on as far as outfit making... it'd give me something to do... well anyways that's all i have to say fer now... let me know, kay? alrighty

~*DopeLilMama*~ 12-08-2002 07:08 PM

millsdrumming... i fergot to say i could help you make some paper patterns so you don't have to waste ANY material.... that makes more sense to me.. get back to me & let me know whats up

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