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ojibwakwe 04-01-2011 12:11 PM

Marriage in a Jingle dress??
Boozhoo Everyone!!!! I have a question that I would like some HONEST opinion on. I am getting married soon to a Kiowa man. In the past few weeks, we have been discussing our wedding. One of the things that have come up was what we are going to wear(we are very simple people....not into the whole 10,000 dollar dress deal). What I mentioned, was getting married in one of my jingle dresses, if not a new one and have it feasted the night before the wedding. Anyways...to explain my reasoning on this is because I have been a jingle dress dancer since I could walk. Being a jingle dress dancer has been a large part of who I am. my feeling on it is that I value the jingle dress so much, I want to wear it the day that my life is going to change forever. I also see it as since it is a large part of me, my fiance' is accepting that part of my life as well(which he has always done). But for some reason...it is very important to me to do this. ANd i am not doing it cuz it would look cool or anything like that. It would be a SIMPLE OL"STYLE jingle dress....which once again...is part of who I am(Ol style dancer...and SIMPLE)
What is your opinion on this? would it be too much? do you think a jingle dress should be used in a ceremony like that based on what I explained? Just want the opinion from fellow jingle dress dancers...would you ever even consider seeing something like that or doing it if it means that much to you?/

anishinabe_20 04-01-2011 12:39 PM

Well, first of all, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! I think that it is so commendable that you want to get married in a jingle dress of yours. As long as you are doing it for the right reasons,which it sounds like you are, go for it!! One thing to think about in doing that, is to make sure that it will not offend your fiance's family being that they are Kiowa and not Ojibwa.
I have never seen or heard of someone getting married ina Jingle dress, but it sounds like you love it personally to do that on your big day. It sounds like it is more of a personal thing to do rather than "showing off." and really...what a better time to feast a dress when all of your family is going to be down there for this big day. Just thinking about that seems like it would make it more special. With that being said...do what you feel is right...what you want in your heart for this big day!
Once again, congratulations.

Kahtni 04-01-2011 01:46 PM

This is where an elder in your community should come in--ask them. I, personally, do not like the idea for the very same reasons you state. As a serious committed dancer the jiingle dress was created for a specific purpose. A jingle dress is a jingle dress--a wedding dress is a wedding dress. You wouldn't wear a wedding dress to the beach . . . . . get the picture! I am an old style jingle dress dancer and an older dancer as well; I believe some things have their place and should be as such. Enjoy you're wedding, make a a new jingle dress for that day and feast it with your family so that when you wear it to pow wows it carries those special wishes, prayers, and love when you dance, but make a wedding T-dress, or a simple wedding dress for the purpose of getting married. That's my two cents! Congratulations.

Tibiki Kinew 04-01-2011 01:49 PM

Wow, for once the heart is talking not the wallet!!
From me you have 100% agreement on using your jingle dress, considering that it will be one of your most important days in your lives it needs to be wholeheartedly, and seeing as you are a jingle gal,,,, not only go for it but do it with heart and soul. Make sure that you even have a smudge bowl near you when you get married and add that to the ceremony. I had an outdoor wedding last year in November and it turned out great. I even had a Metis wedding to add on top of that ... so saying that you have the blessings from me to kick some azzz and let the jingles dance.
Oh when it comes to the fathers dance,,, wear it too!!!!
Stand tall and proud you are a true jingler!!

WhoMe 04-04-2011 09:55 AM

A wedding should be about you and your companion. Too often there is outside interference from people telling you how to plan YOUR wedding according to their likeness. Some of these same people will be there throughout your life continuing to tell you how to live YOUR life. *L

I have been to some very simple weddings, held in community buildings, back yards and justice of the peace. They dressed the best they could. Some wore their traditional cloths. All these couples are still together to this day. I have also been to elaborate weddings in hotels, huge churches and exotic locations. People dressed in expensive wedding outfits. Some of these marriages have lasted, some haven't.

Do what feels good for you. Kiowa people are traditional people and will be very accepting of you getting dressed in your traditional cloths. That is who you are.

Zeke 04-04-2011 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by ojibwakwe (Post 1464304)
...would you ever even consider seeing something like that or doing it if it means that much to you?...

It's YOUR wedding.

Wear, or don't, whatever you desire! :smile:

WhoMe 12-08-2011 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by WhoMe (Post 1464826)
Do what feels good for you. Kiowa people are traditional people and will be very accepting of you getting dressed in your traditional cloths. That is who you are.

Aha! I think I know who you married! *L

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