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musicedu77 02-14-2006 03:38 PM

copy or not copy
my ma always told me that it isnt right to copy another persons pattern because it will take away the spirit of that work...so if i want to incorporate some of my great grandma's designs in my beadwork would that still be copying?
has anyone ever been through a situation where you find a dancer copys your pattern of beadwork?

chazziff 02-14-2006 04:31 PM

i think it would be ok for YOU to use YOUR great grandma's designs - especially if she designed them herself and i would think of them as your family's designs ... you know what i mean?

i've had items made for my daughter's by their aunt and have "copied" them for other items in their regalia. and their aunt is real careful about not making carbon copies of everything she makes - every thing is an original piece. i am also this way - if i make something i'm not really into making the same design but in different colors.

but to - say see something in the gallery here - and copy it color for color and design for design - a big no no there. i haven't really had a problem with someone taking something that i made and copying it or at least i havn't noticed .. lol. but i did once make a pair of earrings and the woman who bought them ASKED me if it was alright to make matching regalia for her herself with the design from the earring ...

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