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serapin 08-07-2001 12:50 PM

just curious which you guys find more interesting...
the dancer who mainly uses his sticks and moves his bustles around or the dancer who uses the coolest footwork...or the middle ground

bwhite 08-07-2001 05:04 PM

I like the machine-gun fast pace "quarterhorse" steps with fancy footwork hands down. Don't get me wrong, spins and turns are really cool also, when they're done in control. Too many times I see fancy dancers dancing out of control, spinning too wildly and end up crashing bustles and such. As for the whips, I like to see dancers using their arms and hand articles as well as their head. When a fancy dancer gets everything moving and those roach feathers rocking, its a nice sight.

As for me, I like to mix it up a bit. Honestly, when the song gets machine-gun fast, I rely on footwork. If I tried to spin I'd break my neck!LOL. :D

serapin 08-08-2001 12:05 PM

i usually use my feet more too
especially when the song really gets kicked up

Pawnee Scout 08-16-2001 02:20 PM

It's the footwork that I mostly enjoy, and would look for if I ever had to judge a contest. My relative fancy feather dances and I see his feet doing all the work...the rest of his dancing...arms, sticks, head, bustles just seem to follow and flow. But most of all it's his heart that moves all of him... :)

echohawk neconie 08-21-2001 04:12 PM

you guys must remember that there are 2 different styles of dancing as well? northern and southern, most of these dancers are all covered up and you don't see anything, so how can you tell if he is a good dancer if he is covered up.when you see his arms or legs and body moving then you can tell but most times you cant.

powwower 08-22-2001 09:58 PM

I like to watch those outta shape, blowed up, jelly bellyed, fancy dancers. While everyone is trying to keep up with the top guns, these guys are huffin n' puffin to the bullet.

The best part of all is the quick stop. INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION EVERY TIME! Both feet are on the ground . . .but the belly bounces on! :D

serapin 08-30-2001 05:04 PM

i know what you mean, echohawk
i like the fringe, but lotsa guys have way too much
i once got knocked down at an outfit competition (mixed in with dance) for not having enough fringe
as it was, the fringe i had was almost to the point of tangling in my bells
i like just enough to look good...not enough to cover up the entire dancer

sPeK_FancyDancer 12-30-2001 05:03 AM

When watching fancy dancers "bust out" i like the fancy footwork,arm and body movement, the hand articles going everywhere and the rocker rocking with the music

MAROONDANCER 06-08-2004 07:45 PM

well since i'm working on starting fancydancing so far I really like foot work that is in tune with the drum , rocker and arms. if you got those four together you'll look nice . That is what I'm aiming for .but for some reason I can't master the ruffle.

Rob young

WocusWoman 06-08-2004 10:18 PM

It's the good footwork, that makes everything else look good!

jamie1980 11-09-2015 03:00 PM

What's mor expencive? Bustles or bead work
Which is more expensive? Bead work or bustles?

Toolbox 11-09-2015 05:34 PM

Beadwork is typically more expensive but it all depends on the bustle and the type of bustle.

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