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grass dancer guy 11 05-06-2001 01:59 PM


saponi 05-06-2001 06:08 PM

Here are two of my favorites I've always enjoyed watching over the years...Cepa Sparks and Brenda Silva!

Kiwehnzii 05-06-2001 10:48 PM

I thot this topic was fancy Feather. Are Cepa & Brenda guys? or Izzit okay for women to dance this way in your neck-o-the-woods?
Jus kidding!

saponi 05-07-2001 06:16 PM

OOOOPPPPSSS!!! ;) Wrong topic!! Guess you know who my fav ladies are!

GoodDay 05-07-2001 10:17 PM

My favs to watch are:
Poncho Brady
Jerry Cleavland
DJ Twobears
Spike Draper
Jazz Bearstail

SouthernDrumSinger 05-07-2001 11:36 PM

RG Harris

homalosa 05-08-2001 12:41 AM

If we're talking Fancy War and not Fancy Shawl, then my favorite Fancy dancer is Shane Zotigh. I've watched him since he was 15 and he can really kick the dust up when he wants to.

Long Otter 05-08-2001 12:54 AM

I watched Wyasti Richardson this year at the Haliwa-Saponi Pow-Wow. WOW!, can he go! He's got more moves than Ex-Lax. His son had his "Coming Out" and he looks like he'll definitely be following in his dad's footsteps.

If we're talking about Fancy Shawl, then I too love watching the stamina and footwork of Brenda Silva and Cepa Sparks.

:D :D :D

[ May 07, 2001: Message edited by: Saponi ]

DCP 05-08-2001 08:36 AM

Wayne Silas, Jr. always puts on a great showing. He and Tha Tribe can sure belt out some tunes, too.

Who Cares? 05-08-2001 02:22 PM

HELLO???? Do ppl not know how to read, jeez... this discussion board is for Favorite Fancy FEATHER Dancers....not Fancy Shawl and not Drums......

Who Cares?

Long Otter 05-09-2001 07:32 AM

Sorry WhoCares?, didn't mean to upset you so. LOL.

:D :D :D

Long Otter 05-09-2001 10:00 PM

[ May 09, 2001: Message edited by: Saponi ]

lil_rez_head 05-14-2001 08:28 PM

#1.Poncho Brady
#2.RG Harris
#3.DJ Twobears
#4.Spike Draper
#5."U Tell Me!"

Rosebud Oyate 05-15-2001 04:55 PM

Cepa Sparks actually has danced men's fancy and placed first at a Pow wow in Hunter MT, NY ..she was in a switch dance using Beaver Grant's oufit and I can not remmebr if she won or placed last year at Brooklyn pow wow and in Meherrin, North Carolina, again switch dance contest! I just remember laughing till it hurt...But my all time favorites are from way back: Sonny Larvie, Acorn Tyon, Sid White sell, not too long ago: Norman Roach, Beaver Grant, Wayasti Richardson, Keith Colston (does he still dance?) and recently SPIKE DRAPER, Michael Roberts and Poncho Brady!

[ May 15, 2001: Message edited by: Rosebud Oyate ]

civl n8v 05-16-2001 03:36 PM

I'm a little "old school" when I rate my favorite fancy dancers! Here's my list:
1. Joe Bointy
2. Norman Newrider
3. RG Harris
4. Dwight Whitebuffalo
5. Spike Draper
6. Chico Her Many Horses
7. Poncho Brady
8. Tony Tallbird
9. Michael Roberts
10. Norman Roach

JingleJammer 05-16-2001 10:32 PM

my mom, Rosebud Oyate, has officially embarrassed my sister Cepa! when she read this post, her cheeks turned BRIGHT PINK because she couldn't stop laughing and she couldn't believe my mom posted that! so i just wanted to let you all know you can tease cepa (if you know her or see her) because my mom just embarrassed her!!! HAHA CEPA!!
and to at my 2 cents on the topic, i like Mike Roberts, Spike Draper, Darryl Jack, Shawn Yazzie, and Poncho Brady.

[ May 16, 2001: Message edited by: JingleJammer ]

homalosa 05-16-2001 11:44 PM

Oh no!
Tell Cepa not to be embarrassed! We all have our moments. Let's see, I turned red when my son left me in the arena during a two step. the MC called out for someone to dance with me and the drum yelled, "oh no, not Sani!"

give a lu-lu and "oo-oop!" to Cepa for me, please.
Soror Asani Charles
Spr. '91, #5
Kappa Omega UCSB

Quapa 05-19-2001 10:29 AM

[ May 19, 2001: Message edited by: Quapa ]

Quapa 05-19-2001 10:31 AM

I like to watch Beaver Grant. I like his style.

str8_grass 05-24-2001 05:24 PM

1. Lydall Yazzie
2. Thorpe Sine
3. Spike Yazzie
4. Poncho Brady
In no particular order...
:D :D

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