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charlie 10-02-2001 02:57 PM

ribbon shawl
I'm making a new dress. It will be bright blue with red and yellow sunburst on it. I'm also making a new shawl. it will be white with the same color sunburst on it. I was thinking of putting red, blue, and yellow ribbon for fringing. but will aribbon shawl look to fancy for a southern cloth dress?

powwow bum 10-02-2001 03:22 PM

no....seen lots of cloth w/ ribbon fringe shawls....looks great

waleli 10-05-2001 12:23 AM

YES! Ribbon fringe will look fine !!

Blackbear 10-05-2001 03:25 AM

Charlie..check out my pic in the gallery under women's cloth. My shawl is made with ribbon fringe only 1/4" wide. I like it, but it is heavier than the chainet I think.

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