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oOoSouthernStyozoOo 09-28-2001 12:48 PM

WHat do judges look for?
I am curious, if I finish my outfit in November, and dance on my rez, I just would like to know what judges like or look for. I have been practicing and know how to dance, but what do judges like?
Anything I need to know about? :) :cool: :D ;) ;) :confused:

Ayita16 09-28-2001 05:32 PM

Judges look to see if you are in step with the drum is you are going down and coming up on time. They are also lookin for poise and sometimes to do a tie breaker they compare outfits and sometimes judges vote for big names.
~Ayita~ :D

Beth 09-30-2001 05:37 PM

Your dancing should flow with the music. And be prepared to do a round dance. Some
committees call for them. Nice and smooth not like you are marching. And be proud of being able to be out there dancing.

Blackbear 10-01-2001 03:25 AM

Make sure your upper body is straight and don't swing your arms. Your fan should rest gracefully at your waistline and your shawl will naturally sway gracefully back and forth if you hold it correctly. Stay in time with the drum..your foot should come down and be flat when the drum hits the beat. Pretty simple but takes some time to become a natural movement for you. Just practice and have fun!!

powwow bum 10-01-2001 04:00 AM

judges normally look first to see if they are related to anyone out there, not so they can disqualify themselves but so they can write their numbers down first. second they look for a person from a big, important family that they want to impress by pickin em. last they'll look if you're in step but even if you're not they'll check out your dress and beadwork and stuff and judge you by how good that looks.

ndn_ave 10-01-2001 11:30 AM

it is true i judge all the time and i will disqulify myself if i am related to someone,but other than that i mostly check out the outfits espicailly in the cloth catagory,to me how nice and well taken care of your outfit is a reflection upon yourself.the person that puts the most time and efort into there outfit usually is a good dancer anyway other wise they would go thew all the trouble.its not like that in all cases but the outfit weighs real heavy with me

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