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Ayita16 10-13-2001 07:52 PM

What do you think about the future of southern cloth tradtional?
I am just wandering i am 15 and i danced tradtional,fancy shawl, and jingle. But out of all of them i love tradtional but when i go to powwows i don't find many people in my catergory! I was was wandering do ya'll think about the future of southern cloth and about teens dancing southern cloth. I dance to honor my family and my nation that is all i can say!
~Ayita~ :D :eek: ;)

homalosa 10-14-2001 03:39 AM

southern cloth is still very popular in SoCal, but i have noticed it has become a generational dance. Very few teens and when women's category comes up, i'm usually one of the youngest out there. I'm 30!

Beth 10-14-2001 04:58 PM

Southern Cloth has been around for ages and will probable continue to be around. In the --- years that I have been around there have been changes. Length of the skirts, etc. but it goes on

Okwataga 10-15-2001 02:08 PM

:cool: Since I started dancing I've usually also been the youngest Womens Cloth like Homa.i'm in my thirties also
But I still see a lot of women dancing. But now I see more go into the Senior women's division which also lets me know I'm getting older too. :eek: As time goes by there will always be someone to dance southern cloth, whether tiny tot to senior's

oOoSouthernStyozoOo 10-15-2001 02:22 PM

Well, around here, there aren't that much, my cousin and I, are starting so. traditional. I am 16 & my cousin is 15, even though i practice in my room, and haven't started dancing in the arena, I love it. It so beautiful, it just makes me want to fly. I hope the future of this dance is great, i hope it get's more & more popular.

MayChe 10-17-2001 12:35 PM

i understand where ur coming from ayita16, down here in florida there are hardly any teen traditional dancers, especially in competition. if there are some, they get moved up to the women's catagory which i think is unfair.:mad:

Okwataga 10-17-2001 04:52 PM

:confused: Sorry but I think if a girl or boy for that matter, feels they are good enough to compete in an adult division let them, It'll keep us Adults on our toes and not relax with knowing who's there to dance and who your competition will be.
I think if a little girl feels and dances like an adult then she should be able to dance with the adults. I'm not sure if it was 4th of july in CHeorkee or mt. juliet, I saw this tiny tot girl in traditional cloth dancing. Her dancing just blew me away!!!! she had more poise, grace and even dance steps that would make some grown women cry. She was that good.
Do not hate the kids that can move up, help the kids that can move up. We are intertribal and we are brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews. If you respect the younger generation, they will return that respect, so when you become the elder in your community and go traveling, maybe that respect will preceed you.

Kiwehnzii 10-17-2001 05:54 PM

Oh No!!!:eek: I hope this doesn't mean that all them young uns in the 18-49 would be able to move up to the golden age!:(

I figured that everyone will get there sooner or later, but I was always taugt to have patience. We'll all reach them older categories someday.

I was in no rush to get to golden age but - dang!!! - it happened.:D

NativeHoney 10-17-2001 07:19 PM

Ive been dancing cloth for about 4 1/2 years and I think that it has grown. The more places Ive been the more girls Ive seen dance cloth. But this past year was my first year dancing with the womans cag. I also think that the style has grown too. (More sparkles and rhinestones) Thats cool though!

MayChe 10-17-2001 09:47 PM

deltadawn, im not upset that kids can move up, im upset that we are forced to move up.

Okwataga 10-18-2001 11:06 AM

Dontwanna argue - I can appreciate not going to senior division just yet, still in my thirties, I think I missed the point I was trying to make. I know young girls really don't want to move into golden age(hehehe) at least not yet for me.

TradisjingleFancyShawl - You cannot really be forced to move to a high category even if there are no other dfancers or not enough in that category. If you registered as say: juniors ages 12-16, and you are the only one, yes you pretty much won, but you should still dance, that is what you are there for?, unless the pow wow committee wants to save money and try to make you move up, you really do not have to move up, you are in your category, if that is where you wish to stay. But I do see a lot of juniors or teens move up to see how they compete against an older division.

Beth 10-18-2001 04:48 PM

It never hurts to see how you can do in the next class up. We have given several you ladies who are about a year or two
younger than the age for princess sit in to hear what some of the
questions the might be asked of them and to get them informed about what the committee expects of them. Not all committees want the same thing from their princess. Have even let some go out and dance without the judges considering them seriously.
They had a blast doing it. If they decide to go out later, they will have an idea what they are getting into.:p

Ayita16 10-18-2001 05:59 PM

Hey everyone thanks for replying i love all the discussion ithink its going very good. Anyways i am still waiting for my dress one of my close friends is going to make it for me. Anyways i agree i would love to compete against the woman who i have watched since i was a baby dancing and be able to compete against them it would be a honor to do it. Anyways i have been so busy lately let me tell you i hate homework! ITS EVIL!!!!!!!!~ Anyways any of ya'll going to the stone mountain ga powwow nov 1-4?
keep it real

Okwataga 10-19-2001 09:20 AM

St Mtn
A -
plan to see you kicking it up at Stone Mtn.
Hope Henri is done with the dress.:Chatter
Hope to see others there too, Hopefully Bobbi Orr remember sher dress this time.
her and R.C. drove all the way to mt Juliet and she left her dress at home...
can you beleive after all these years?? But it was still good to she her there.

MayChe 10-19-2001 05:28 PM

deltadawn, i think thats exactly what they are trying to do, save money. i think if you are the only one in ur category, you won 1st place. this year they have to decided to do a winner take all, no 2nd place, no 3rd place.

Ayita16 10-19-2001 06:06 PM

I mean understand some of him having money problems but if i went to a powwow and they did that to me. I come to powwows to honor my family not just to dance for money. But i would want to dance alone and still get my money. I would want people to focus there eyes on my moves ya know?!? But anyways this is just my thought in this world aiight
peace out keep it real
~Ayita~:Angel2 :Angel: :Mad :p

Dancinfreek 10-23-2001 01:00 AM

hey everyone! i used to dance southern and i must say that out of all the styles that southern is the most graceful. the regalia i wore had a blue dress with either my stars or my butterfly waist shawl. i was lucky enough to be given a bunch of beadwork form when my mother used to be into southern. hope everything is weel with everyone!

Okwataga 10-23-2001 04:25 PM

what do you dance now? Sure southern is smooth and gracefull, but so is northern
i mean really see how different the ladies dance, and stay upbeat.
I also like to watch jingle dancers with the side step, that sure can wipe you out.
But my first love will always be southern cloth, not only am I from the south, my tirbe is southern
and it just feels right to me

missy 10-26-2001 04:45 PM

What do you think about the future of southern cloth traditional?
I gotta put my two cents in on this one... I've danced southern traditional, since I could walk. I was taught that once you're initiated into a particular style of dance, that is the right that you are given, so I'll always be partical to southern traditional. Just recently, within the past couple of years, I started dancing Southern Buckskin... but I have to admit that I enjoy dancing cloth a lot more, because I have a larger variety in outfits. I'm sorry, but unlike many of the woman I've seen lately, I can't afford to change my Buckskin regalia by the days. I have madd props for those of you who can... sheesh. One thing that I've noticed, maybe it's just me, or the Arizona water... but around here, more and more people are entering southern traditional cloth, and unfortunately, they conclude that it's "easier." Which is upsetting to me... but we won't go into that. Last year was the first time I entered the woman's category... not by choice, but by old age... and it's pretty intimidating, really. These are the same women, that I've looked up to all these years, and rather than watch from afar, I'm out in the arena with them. Talk about knocking knees and sweaty palms. I'm pretty sure that we won't be seeing a drought of southern dancers... maybe just a break, while the new ones are busting out with some grace and style...

Beth 10-28-2001 05:10 PM

I have found that it also depends on where you are attending the dance. You find it much more west of the Mississippi.
You see. :confused:

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