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Originally Posted by moon_tears24
the "pow wow drum" or "grandfather drum" or as some nations calls it "western drum" ...its sacred cuz the creator has sent it to us as a way to thank the creator and all life around us, and it has kept our native traditions alive..with out this drum there really wouldnt be a pow wow and for alot of us the pow wow connects us to the creator and each guys dont need to get all mad at each other eh...crazy ppl :6:

You sound so mystical

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I don't even no where to start some of the replies i agree with some are just out there. WhoMe seems to be perty defensive in one of his posts..... anywho..............
I for one know that there are many different tribes represented around this drum especially Southern style drums and every tribe has there own teachings about this drum from the creation to the spiritual realms that surrounds it and even the way u conduct yourself around the drum.It is up to us to repect theses way when we go around and sing at different tribes funtions........being around that center drum u can't help but to observe and pick up on other tribes teachings. I for one believe in this drum I have been taught by my old folks that this grampa has a spirit a real one that is waiting to be felt and its up to the singers to bring that out and that this drum can heal......that good feeling u get when u sing, or the way the dancers respond, when they are all jammin, thats that spirit working........hell I even feel kinda uncomfortable talkin bout these things on here because they were taught to me at home and around the drum........and its kinda weird to see individuals on here seeking this kinda info heck go ask granpa or your uncles your peoples !........and if your white i don't know what to tell ya.
My point is is how can something that we respect so much not be sacred or something that has such a powerful spirit to make people shed tears to blow whistles or to make our old folks teach us theses ways about the drum not be sacred to a certain extent?
My northern uncle Jim Clairmont once told me that these drums respond when u use them right they they are living and breathing instruments and to talk to them pray on them even if a powwow is not a ceromony there are spiritual aspects that go along with a powwow some drums utilize these teachings or similar ones and some don't at all

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