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ponca49king 11-25-2009 05:44 AM

Young ponca tribal singer

Shoteka 11-25-2009 10:06 AM

This was a cute dedication story.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Congrats on all that you've done! :)

blueskysmom 11-25-2009 11:20 AM

Ponca singer
What a beautiful story. Keep up the singing. You sing for your people, your relatives, you parents, your siblings. No one can ever take the valuable lessons that you have learned away from you. Sing as loud as you want, sing with pride, with dignity, and honor. Those who criticize only are trying to hurt you because maybe they can't sing as well, as loud, or don't know the songs. And you are right, those old guys lose their voices as they age. or they didn't have strong voices to begin with. As a Grandmother, I had a husband who was a singer, I had two sons who were singers. Last year I lost one of them. And yes, it is hard around holidays, special days, certain times of the year, but we get through them somehow because we remember times and things that our loved one talked to us about, taught us, instilled that tribal pride in us and I can see that the pride you carry came from a strong family spirit. Keep it up grandson, you will never regret the hard time that you went through, losing your mom, coming from a broken family unit, learning songs, staying on that path and showing the people that you are serious. Continue your love of singing. It will take you a long way, it will earn you a lot of new friends, it will earn you respect from the community. People will use you as a resource for the knowledge that you have.

In this way, you are honoring your mom who had the confidence in you to encourage you and to keep you going. When you think if it in this way, you will not feel bad or sorrow anymore, you will feel strengthened and energized, and have a renewed feeling. You will feel happy again.

One word of caution, however, stay away from temptation and away from those who would try to discourage you and pull you away.

Redstone 11-25-2009 02:11 PM

That was a beautiful story and what wonderful memories you will have. My thoughts and prayers to you, and remain strong and continue to carry on those things taught to you. Those songs and traditions will bless you when you need it the most. The joy that singing will bring to you, will bless you and others that you'll not know till later down the line. Bless you.

ern_dawg2003 12-07-2009 03:21 PM

Hey lil' bro, I know exactly what your goin through, the loss, the critisism, and the learning process. I to loss my mom 2 years back to diabetes, i seen her everyday come home from dialysis and it tore me to shreds to see her so weak, like her life was being taken from her everyday and there was nothing i can do to help her. When the family finally lost her, took me almost 2 weeks to finally realize she was gone, I nevered went to her last rites ceremony in her NAC funeral services. I didn't want to accept the fact I would have to say "GOOD-BYE". It was her and my G'ma that paid for my seat at the drum and to dance in the arena. So, all the accomplishments I have achieved over the years my mom and grandma has been gone, but give thanks for them letting me want to sing and dance. Even, around the drum my mom and g'ma loved to hear me sing, and my g'ma's husband my great grandpa Pete Sherman, who taught me Omaha songs and NAC songs. I get the critisism from people who get jealous of me being head singer, they never come help me out, but, REALLY want me to be there when they're head singer.

WELL, I'm sorry to hear about your loss the lil' Ka'ge. All I can say to you is to keep doin what you've been doin. Everyone who knows your family, know you had your full support of your mom. will know what your doing. you have my deepest condolences and prayers.

LSS 02-11-2010 11:53 PM

You know...a situation presented itself to me pretty recently and when I spoke of it to one of the elders around our drum, he recalled this message/thread just as I was about to mention it.

My signature, "It is not the destination that defines you as a man! Rather, it is the journey taken!" The things spoken of in this excerpt of an autobiography is a great example of my message to all, especially those younger singers. Certainly, Mr. Collins paid for his right to "handle his buisness". It build character in him, and in turn, it laid the foundation for the strong character within his children.

I just more people behaved this way, still to this day!


Gledanh Zhinga 03-12-2011 08:14 PM

I heard recently that Robert will be taking control of his father's drum (Henry Collins). If that is true, congratulations, Robert, and best of luck with it.

RedShield 03-23-2011 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by Gledanh Zhinga (Post 1461562)
I heard recently that Robert will be taking control of his father's drum (Henry Collins). If that is true, congratulations, Robert, and best of luck with it.

Very cool... best of luck to him!

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