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goose 09-29-2003 09:47 PM

Footwork vs. Classic Style
I think Bonnie Tomahsah and Rose Track have about the fastest footwork whereas Lisa Ewalk, Gracie(need I say more), Nahmee Lasley have great style.
Which do pick when you judge?

clrezchik_12 09-30-2003 07:45 PM

i would have to go for both.
When i am not dancing and judging i go for both..Sure its easy to dance fast but can you do the footwork at the same time..That is what i look for the most...its very hard to be a judge as i am told... because there are so many good dancers out there in pow-wow country and it takes so much time and effort to get to where the dancers are today...i have only been dancing for 8 years this winter and it took me along time to become what i am today and to practise different dance moves that aren't usually seen...I am usually coming up with different dance moves so no one else knows how to do them....but as it is i always look for the footwork and how fast the dancers dance....

lakotajingledancer 09-30-2003 09:59 PM

i agree w/clrez chick

theepowwowchic49 10-02-2003 12:25 PM

stamina 2
It is about stamina to. You see some girls/women start out looking good but my mid song or ending they are barly going. Hardly have their arms up, shoulders bac, head up,all that. Look for foot work, do they know the song, do they stop on time, everyting.

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