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hummy 07-16-2004 03:28 AM

ruffle or no ruffle
ok hey ladies i have a question for you what do you think is better for a fancy shawl dancer skirt with a ruffle or a skirt like a tee dress with a slit in the back for more movement?

WocusWoman 07-16-2004 03:45 AM

I like the straight skirt with 2 slits(kick-pleats); one on each side of the knee to allow for movement. This also allows you to have a longer skirt, so your not showing too much skin when lifting your legs. I think ruffles can be made to look very cute and feminine; I'd do this for a girl's dress though.

Jingling_In_Stars 07-19-2004 10:57 PM

hmmm, I have one of each. One with a ruffle, and one with 4 pleats, "two in the front and two in the back", and I like them both. The one with the ruffle is a little harder to move in, but they both look nice.

key-le-la 07-19-2004 11:31 PM

I like both, one outfit has ruffle, the other outfit doesn't.

shookshooklaquay 07-20-2004 01:11 PM

Ruffle or not
When I was a little girl I had a ruffle, but as an adult, I like the kick pleat...or a Round Skirt with a good material that allows your skirt to move with you...and the answer to showing skin...and to keep your thighs from rubbin when it gets hot is bicycle shorts, spandex shorts...whatever to keep hidden what you should.

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