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ojibwayjingle85 01-15-2005 09:01 PM

I want to Dance Northern Traditional, but need some info!!
Im interested in dancing northern traditional, I know the stories and the legends, But I need some help making my regalia. Perhaps starting with a cloth style would be better. Please contact me with some helpful hints.

Miigwech :star:

WocusWoman 01-16-2005 12:38 AM

I'm assuming you are wanting to switch from Jingle dancing? I definately would make a cloth dress first, and get started dancing with that to see if you really like ladies tradish. My daughter finds it to be too slow for her; and has had a hard time switching from fancy dancing. If you feel you like it; then invest your time and money into a buckskin dress with beaded yoke. I had traditional cloth dresses up until I was 16 years old. After that my granny let me borrow a buckskin, and then when I graduated from high-school I made my own deerhide dress, which I have changed, but still have and use.

ojibwayjingle85 01-16-2005 01:20 PM

Information Give
Thanks WocusWomen for the information. It has inspired a few thoughts that I have now taken into consideration. Im wondering how much material Im going to need for starting? Would you have any more adivice to that?

WocusWoman 01-16-2005 05:17 PM

I made my last cloth dress out of less than 4 yards; I used my quilting and applique skills in adding designs onto the dress. I used coordinating fabrics and ribbon also to make it look a lot more colorful and interesting. If you already own a good shawl, I would consider trying to match your new dress to that; if not you'll need to get additional fabric to make a matching shawl.

Kakeeya 01-17-2005 01:06 PM

Good responses WW:thumbsup:

I also suggest that you ask some of your Anishinaabe sisters because I know a lot of them that dance women's traditional at powwows. There are some very good powwows over your way and some friendly people.

Selina 01-25-2005 08:40 AM

Hi ojibwayjingle85,

I also recommend, that when you make your accessories (hairties, belt etc.) and you start with cloth, consider a design you really love.
Then you can make a buckskin dress to fit this design and can save time and money. :thumbsup:

AlmostThere 01-25-2005 02:13 PM

yeah. I've been dancing cloth for about six years now. Actually thinkin about moving onto buckskin. But if you need any help. Just ask. Or im me. what ever. I'm here all the time. And im more than willing to help a sista out. :thumbsup: Sometimes it can get a little confusing. ya knoe.

ojibwayjingle85 01-29-2005 11:07 AM

Im stuck on my cape
Okay Ladies, Im stuck on my cape... I have a design ready to put on it, But I need to know how I make the cape..
Is is just a GIANT Rectangle to my fitting , or is there a more of a shape to it?

Write me back ladies... :friends:

Caroline 02-02-2005 09:51 AM

The cape can be any shape you like. I suggest cutting the shape you want out of an inexpensive piece of cloth to try out and get the size etc right. You can then use this as a pattern.

AngieBuns 02-02-2005 09:56 AM

I would suggest that you draw out your pattern on a paper bag, or some other piece of paper, then you could cut it, and not have to worry about any mistakes, untill you the shape/style you are looking for.

Also you may want to check your nations photographs, which may or may not be in the archives, and go that route, to get an idea of the style from your people if that is what you are looking for.

ojibwayjingle85 02-02-2005 12:25 PM

Information Given
Thanks alot Ladies...

Its all starting to come together now. It has helped me alot.

Now...Some one told me for cheep fringe, to use vineyl? White stuff? LOL

Any hints?

Caroline 02-03-2005 10:22 AM

I have seen the vinyl used for fringes. It looked ok from a distance. It was the upholstery vinyl that you can get at walmart. It was a light cream color. The weight was good so the fringes sway nicely. Narrow satin ribbon looks nice but is too light to get the fringes really snapping. I have seen ultra suede used too. It looked very close to white deer hide- even up close- But it was also too light to get the fringes to snap. I think there is no really good substitute for good ol deer hide.

WocusWoman 02-06-2005 02:50 AM

NO PLEASE, Do not use vinyl, it looks like well,"vinyl!" If your gonna take the time on a northern cape with beading and everything, use hide, at very least for the fringes.

ojibwayjingle85 02-08-2005 07:52 PM

Well, the reason I was asking about vynel was for a few good reasons. Im from northern ontario, not really able to access good flashy material. Its hot here. lol.. and Ive dont have lots of money to spend on regalia at the moment...
But thanks Wocus Women for the advice anyway...

Keep em comming ladies

ndngirl_19 02-20-2005 03:21 AM

N. Style
As the previous ladies suggested, it does look better w/ buckskin hide. But it really all depends on what style of dance your going to dance too! Are you going to dance sioux style (stationary) or N. graceful/shuffle style. I am from the northwest so we dance around the arena to show our style. To fringe your top it depends if your going ot do only the ends or all the way around. The ends could take from 2-3 hides to fringe. Well good luck on your dress and see u out on the powwow trail!

AngieBuns 02-20-2005 08:52 AM

Go with deerhide! Atleast go with that expense, and maybe have a cloth top and bottom? Nothing wrong with that! :)

Caroline 02-21-2005 11:22 AM

Make your dress with the best materials you can afford. If you have no dress you probably won't dance so go for it. If you use a cheaper material for the fringes make it so they can be replaced with buckskin when you can afford it. The important thing is that you dance!
just my opinion.

ojibwayjingle85 02-21-2005 06:56 PM

Cutting corners
Im trying to cut corners, and use different materials to do my applique...
So what do people think of heatnbond. I also debated using material paint? I can get the colors and the glue in one.
I think as long as it looks good? Its gotta be okay? LOL

Ps. Im still trying to hunt down a deer for that hyde.

WocusWoman 02-21-2005 08:38 PM

I think doing a fabric top is fine as long as the work is done very cleanly. I use iron-on interfacing before cutting any appliques, then I make sure and satin stitch everything down with care.

ojibwayjingle85 02-23-2005 09:16 AM

The Vynel Queen!!!
Im just so Thankful that im short LOL
Im 5'2 and debating on the length of the fringe.
Well, I have a general Idea. Unfortunately ladies, I have to go with the vynel. I know it looks crappy ,but,it has to be done.

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