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Mato Winyan 04-14-2004 06:25 PM

Bogus Powwow Vendor
Received this today... anyone putting on a powwow should be forwarded a copy of this. The orginator of the letter is a well known and respected person on the powwow trail.


Steve Corbae is a food vendor who uses the name Mountain River Concessions to sell "buffalo" burgers and other food. He contacted me about setting up a booth at the 16th Annual Natchez Powwow. I gave him the benefit of a doubt and allowed him to set up without sending in his trader fee ahead of time. As soon as he arrived he became very difficult and demanding. He sold food for two full days (we had perfect weather and big crowds). I allowed him to pay on Saturday evening with a personal check for $195. I even agreed to hold the check for a few days before cashing it. Later the bank called me to report that he had stopped payment on the check as soon as he left Natchez. I had to reimburse the bank the full amount. I thought maybe that he had just been short on funds, so I called him to check on the situation and he confirmed that he had just decided to stop payment. He then hung up on me and would not talk or offer an explanation.

He had sold a lot of food at the powwow and had done very well. The small fee that I charge vendors helps to cover the travel expenses of the head staff and the singers. The gate fee helps to cover the lodging expenses for the head staff. This is definitely not a money making powwow for me. In fact, my family and I sponsor the dance every year at great personal financial cost. His behavior is an insult to singers and dancers in the Native American tradition.

I just want to warn anyone who might be involved with organizing powwows to beware of Steve Corbae with Mountain River Concession out of Melbourne, Florida. He is a very difficult person to work with and apparently to top it off he is a big cheat. He is not a friend of anyone on the "Powwow Trail". If you would like to contact him to voice any complaints, his phone number is 321-427-3642 and his mailing address is PO Box 360692 Melbourne, FL 32926. Please spread the word.


Chuck Borum, Natchez Powwow Chairman


The Edge Water Kid 04-14-2004 07:55 PM

Man!! That really chaps my azz!!!

Chuck's a good guy, runs a good powwow.....and I was only too happy and honored to have been asked to serve as their head man dancer one year at Natchez Powwow.

....that's just nuts!!! It's okay....bad karma comes back to haunt you when you least expect it.....


warhoop 04-21-2004 04:44 AM

I thought I would bring this thread back up to the top one more time. To let people who didn't see it get a look at it.
Word about this guy needs to be spread around so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

billyjoejimbob 04-21-2004 11:49 AM

What a dirtbag.

Anyone know about Creative Native? I hear he did the same thing in Florida. Not a bad check, just refused to pay and left early.

Grits & Beans 04-21-2004 12:25 PM

I got something for that punk if I ever see his stand..... :boxing:

Tom Iron Eagle 04-28-2004 12:45 PM

Hear about this.
This is really getting around. I heard about it from a FWD that was a FWD from yet another FWD in my private E-Mail and from a FWD's at the University's E-Mail. So the news is really getting around.

Good to see it here as this is the biggest Native Information Site that I know of. So we can all help in letting all know about his person and hopefully getting this vendor to do the right thing.

Kiwehnzii 04-28-2004 01:18 PM

That's lower'n snakes belly inna wagon rut.

50cal 05-03-2004 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii
That's lower'n snakes belly inna wagon rut.

:cowboy: LOL

comchocldy 05-03-2004 07:06 PM

Bad Vendors
Thanks so much for the info. Sometimes when PW organizers are ripped off on the east coast, the vendors come out west and start up again. I just had an experience with a food/clothing vendor. They hadn't paid their fees either and double charged me on a purchase I made at the El Camino college PW. Fortunately one of the organizer kept some data on them so I was able to find them..

They were so surprised that I found them and had gotten vital info on them they paid me back real quick. I threaten to file a complaint against their business license and the Calif. Franchise Tax board. Since they paid no fees, they didn't have to pay taxes as they officially "weren't there". Amazing what a persuader the Tax board can be. Oh when I first contacted them, all of a sudden, nobody spoke English!

I tell you this whole vendor thing is getting out of wack at the UCLA PW, all the vendors were mexican or white. I see less and less NA vendors. On a trip to Japan (I work for the airlines) I saw dreamcathers all over the place, and all made in China.

where are the Ndn vendors?

billyjoejimbob 05-03-2004 07:43 PM

yeah, the venders at most powwow are getting sucky.

tomahawks, animal hides, imported beadwork.

cant get anything good anymore.

I buy tapes and cds now, thats it, nothing else worth it.

The white traders get their stuff from NDNs on commission. Some even get stuff from the pawn shops, I hear live pawn can be bought for the right amount.

Its a damn shame.

The_HULK 05-03-2004 09:58 PM

I'm never going to buy one of those juicy buffalo burgers again. :)

Seriously, I used to like his burgers, but I hate it when people think they can get away with stuff like that.

He's not getting any more of my money.

Coyot_In_The_House 05-04-2004 01:42 PM

I remember Frybread was 50 cents.....
Whaz up with the prices these days........?

Granted it does take alot of hard work to run a food stand, some folks are just ridiculous.......And the food is rugged?

Just tote your bread and a ring of red.....

Mato Winyan 05-04-2004 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by Coyot_In_The_House
Just tote your bread and a ring of red.....

Sounds like a good slogan for a t-shirt! :rofl2:

Nezbah 05-04-2004 03:32 PM

Ahhhhhhhh SHOOT.......I am a powwow mom......just bring a loaf of bread, spam or indian steak (bologna), and of course Basha's pop........the whole family is set. :D. These vendor's are gettin outta hand, I can't afford 7.00 for a INDIAN TACO!!! Tiny Tot $$ isn't even that rich......ayeeee. Unless they take Food stamps.......:P. Anyhow, well just keep it real, buy from NATIVES only.....wooooo hoooooo......and if you can't make it yourself, well buy it from some native you know who can :D. ........ KEEP IT REAL.....KEEP IT NATIVE....

:rofl: @ WATCH YER BACK BURGER MAN!!!!!!!!
AND OF COURSE......Quote:
Originally Posted by Coyot_In_The_House

Just tote your bread and a ring of red.....

Sounds like a good slogan for a t-shirt! ......


Steady Rollin 05-11-2004 09:43 AM

That's just wrong.
EVEN THOUGH A POW WOW IS OUR TRADITIONAL CELEBRATION, When your on a pow wow commitee you gotta run things like a business cuase there are people out there that wanna make a quik buck off our pow wows. You tell them payment first, If they don't want to comply then you don't give them their electicity until they pay. Simple as that, cause you have to make your money too. Money that goes to benifit our dancers, by fitting it into the prizemoney and whatever. Cause you need it. There's Bills that need to be payed to run a pow wow. So people don't let these people run all over you.

nt_inuk 05-13-2004 03:25 PM

Gosh! what a shame, like it was said, bad karma will make it way back round.

Coyot_In_The_House 05-15-2004 09:38 PM

I know!
We'll lock that Vendor up in a room and make him eat his own over priced, over cooked rugged food.....

There is some good food @ Powwows, but sometimes....WONGEH!

gunny 05-26-2004 12:08 AM

Ran into this burger man a couple of times on the trail. Grand Ridge Fla, and Ala. Seems he also hires young uns to work for him and then insults them by giving them $5 for two days work. Still watching out for him to collect the rest

winter wolf 05-26-2004 09:04 AM

just a little added info on the "so-called burger man"....
we have been to a few powwows where this vendor has been vending and i must tell you his additude sucks along with his food.
we have seen him destroy tribal grounds in alabama by spinning big ruts in the lawn, emptying all his trash on the grounds upon his departure, and breaking the water lines just because he didn't make enough money, and because he wasn't the only food vendor.
we have also seen him disrespect a clan mother and her children in florida over not making enough money and control over the water hose.
we have also seen him throw a fit in new york, because he wasn't the only food vendor and he couldn't set up where he wanted to. he made more money that weekend than any other food vendor, but still acted like a butt-head.
i can tell you one thing, the destruction of the tribal grounds really upset me and made me wonder if he is native at all...
in my opinion, he isn't...furthermore, i got sick (along with 4 others) after eating his so-called buffalo hot dogs.
please get this man off the trail because i don't think he has a good heart or good food.

hidatsawmn26 05-27-2004 12:37 PM

we have our share of bad vendors here in ohio..like this silver wolf trading post...cheezy stuff there...i mean its absolute cheesy...why are white ppl running a trading post in the first place?well needlesstosay they closed down probably b/c of no business..thats one thing even legit traidng posts always learned never ever open a trading post in toledo...but imjust rambling here... in reguards with a response to the thread i say someone needs to do something...ever tried calling better business bureau?

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