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shmood 07-27-2013 12:31 PM

Federal land exchange propose by Resolution Mine - Az

Dear friends and relatives;

Above is a link to a petition that the Peridot STEPP Coalition is supporting and we are encouraging everyone to sign. This site will give you all the information on why we the people of the San Carlos Apache reservation is protesting the land exchange requested by the Resolution mine.

We understand not everyone agrees with us and we respect their decision. We are concerned for our future children's children. It may not seem so devastating now but will be years from now. Although this land no longer belongs to the Apaches we still consider it a sacred site.

Please forward this petition to your friends, relatives, military, and Tribal Nations... Tell them to take the time to read all the information and to keep forwarding to others. We only have the month of July 2013 to get signatures to present to our State Representatives before they vote. Please sign it only once or if you have already signed the paper form you don't need to sign it on line. Please keep signing after July, we want each valuable signature to the last minute. Thank you Brothers & Sisters, friends of Natives, and Mother Earth.

Jobs come and go but when land and water goes- it does not come back"

Sincerely grateful,
Dorothea Stevens
Peridot STEPP Coalition
San Carlos Apache Tribe
[email protected]yahoo.com

yaahl 07-27-2013 12:48 PM

Could you please clarify if those who sign the petition from a) out of state, b) out of country will be included in the final count?

Many, many petitions to government have strict rules on how the final numbers are counted. I'd hate to see thousands of names redacted because they are from out of state or the US.

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