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Anishinabe Agent 007 02-27-2005 04:07 PM

Gangs and Aboriginal People

Just thought this might be an interesting link for discussion. I live in central Canada and wanted to know is the problem like this all over Turtle Island


Anishinabe Agent 007

Homalosa 02-27-2005 08:26 PM

Thanks for posting this. Years ago Vibe Magazine did an article called, "Reservation Dogs" about gangs on the Navajo rez. I think the problem is growing all over the place, both on the rez and in the city.

badmaninc 03-01-2005 10:10 PM

The biggest recruitor for Aboriginal gangs in Canada is Correctional Services Canada. I work for them. What happens is that the two predominant gangs in Canada are from Winnipeg. They are the Manitoba Warriors and the Indian Posse. When they go to prison, they are always a threat to each other. Consequently, many "problem" inmates are transferred to various regions throughout the country. What has been happening, these mid-level and above gang members recruit new members from the prison population. they don't have to hard sell them anything cause these new recruits are already criminals for the most part. The gangs networks are expanded and the government of Canada is financing everything. Its a tragedy when you think about it. Most gang members that I have talked to say that being part of the gang is like having a surrogate family. It takes the place of what has usually been a terrible home life. So yeah it is becoming an increasingly disturbing problem. The attraction to having them on reserves or reservations, is that most police agenices are not able to get "the truth" due to our peoples learned distrust of legal authorities. Additionally our populations are extremely static over a long period of time and as a result not too many people want to turn family members over to the authorities.

WarriorBabe87 03-01-2005 10:24 PM

thas true "aboriginal youth are more likely to go to jail then graduating", because we don't have proper representation in the legal court system, because no one's there to help us. we just get shafted. I know 'cuz I witnessed this first hand, many youth i've seen, it's like a growing snowball, getting bigger and bigger, one small charge leads to etc. So, it's kinda like it's easier to put someone in jail then to help them in school.

badmaninc 03-02-2005 12:17 AM

I don't buy that argument. I grew up in the same chaotic type of environment, my parents went to residential school. Both turned to alcoholism due to the adverse conditions of rez life. Yet I went to university and have a degree. I work in the criminal justice system. I don't drink, do drugs. I live a clean and sober lifestyle. I sing at powwows. Don't know if you call me a powwow singer cause I haven't ever really been a lead singer and only placed at a couple of contests. Also I don't see groupies. However, my children have never seen me drink. There are times when that could have been me on the other side of those bars but I made some choices in my life. Some others may have had less options than I did but we all still make some of our own choices.

Usdigvhi 03-02-2005 02:52 AM

a sociologist would say that people which grow up in a certain environment is bound to adopt a certain lifestyle...and typically they would probably lump rez life in with "ghettos" and say that the gangs were a product of being poor mostly.

a psychologist would either say that these individuals are greatly troubled which is why they act out this way and others that grew up in the same environment do not...or that people will act as they are expected to. if you're treated like a criminal you'll act like one.

im really not sure what my explaination is. but im in agreement that the governments look at it as easier to put someone in jail than it is to educate them or put them through rehab. it seems all so-called "minority" groups are having this problem though. obviously the african americans have always had gang problems, then it seems increasing with the latino gangs. it seems that it is some peoples reaction to being treated as an inferior..so im leaning to the theory of some people are going to act as people expect them to...and the government obviously expects anyone that isnt upper-middle class to be the cause of all crime.

Azjayjay666 11-17-2011 05:09 PM

Gangs on the Rez
About the Vibe Mag, Reservation Dogs. I know these guys on the Navjo reservation, Drago now is homeless and ask for change at a Navajo NM gas station and his sister has sexual diseases and get with her cousins and drug dealers. And the Insane Cobraz have been divided into the Legit Workers/family men and Prison/Lowlifes still living out their teenage yrs who are threating other members for status and jealousy recognition. When they get out they teach or tell younger people they will be left out of society like they have and recruit people to follow them. Most Gang members come from a broken home or alcoholic family, where they seek comfort/brotherhood with others to belong and protect even if it is illegal or not. Talking ot yiour Kids daily and Motivating them to be the best at whatever they are good at is the Only Way to break this cycle. I have lived that life and never want to return to looking over my shoulder for Police, someone trying to stab or shoot me. I believe anyone can be Sober and do what they want in life.

AmigoKumeyaay 01-10-2012 05:34 PM

Bumped up.

Joe's Dad 01-10-2012 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Homalosa (Post 520599)
Thanks for posting this. Years ago Vibe Magazine did an article called, "Reservation Dogs" about gangs on the Navajo rez. I think the problem is growing all over the place, both on the rez and in the city.

There's my Homalosa!!! I named her chock-lack-chick!!! :lol:

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