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kiowakat 06-28-2006 10:52 AM

is the issue of wannabes,fakes etc important to you??
is the issue of wannabes,fakes, culture vultures etc.... important to you, yes or no

Blackbear 06-28-2006 04:03 PM

yes but is the issue that important to me to have more than one thread about it? No.

Migiziwomen 06-29-2006 09:10 AM

you know i think it is, people saying things they do not know about, people making things and saying they are authentic or implying it. it all hurts us in some way no matter what people say. i am sure you know that as well as i do being that you make such beautiful things, and i give much respect for you that you only will make ceremonial or spriitual objects with proof of affiliation. good for you.

rafiki 06-29-2006 10:04 AM

Let rafiki say acunamata!

Migiziwomen 06-29-2006 02:47 PM

ain't no passing craze........

Originally Posted by rafiki
Let rafiki say acunamata!

Singing Otter 06-29-2006 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Migiziwomen
ain't no passing craze........

It means no worries for the rest of your days....... :tounge_sm

between2worlds 06-29-2006 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by Migiziwomen
ain't no passing craze........


Originally Posted by Singing Otter
It means no worries for the rest of your days....... :tounge_sm

It's our problem-free philosophy..

Blackbear 06-29-2006 05:26 PM

Hakuna matata--------------- had to finish the song did'nt I? LOL

WocusWoman 07-01-2006 04:04 AM


Originally Posted by Blackbear
Hakuna matata--------------- had to finish the song did'nt I? LOL


2 Trails 07-02-2006 09:30 PM

is the issue of wannabes,ect important to you?
There is more to this question than what you are asking. For example:
1) Who will set the standard ?
2) What is your decription of the wannabe,fake and ect.
3) Should the majority disagree with the one sitting the standards what then?
See this is not a cut and dried situation. I have seen have bloods and 3/4 bloods that did not know their own heritage. I have seen 1/8 bloods that really studied to learn their heritage. So who is the fake and who is the wannabes. Don't get me wrong it does make a difference to me, however, I am not attempting to make and sell any thing. I buy from those that I know and trust to sell the true items. If my words hurt anyones feelings that was not my intent. Only to think in more than one direction as the ancestors would what me to. In Cherokee history William Thomas was made chief of the Nation. He was a white man. Was he a fake or a wannabe?

~2 Trails~

tselani_boy 08-31-2006 08:58 PM

yes it is important...
what I think of it is that its just plain wrong....no questions asked....they should not even think of doing!....but thats just me....I don't know what others think.....

tsuj510 09-01-2006 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by kiowakat
is the issue of wannabes,fakes, culture vultures etc.... important to you, yes or no

Hey, Kat!

What's important to me is how the powwow went-ayyyyyyee!

Ya'll got any pictures yet?

Gimme the low down when you get a chance. I know its been a helluva Summer back home... I wondered how everybody is holding up...

Yer buddy Sam

NightshadeTea 09-24-2006 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by kiowakat
culture vultures

Never heard this term before, but I love it!

WARNING: This has turned into one of my rants (although, it's rather short. Had to cut it off due to the fact that I can go on for pages). The word 'injun' is used to make fun of white people who use the term, not Indians (in case it's read the wrong way).

Yeah, it's a bit of an issue with me. Not just in terms of the Native American culture, but in many other things. Little ****-for-brains teeny boppers who call themselves Wiccan or Witches, crystal-toters, those ignorant dorks at book stores who put books on ancient Pagan beliefs in the 'New Age' section, and other such "spiritualist" wannabes make people who are actually very wise, spiritual, and centered (or are aiming to reach that point) look like jackazzes.
I have a genuine interest in Native American culture. However, due to the fact that I'm white, and many of the whiteys before me have said: "HI MY NAME IS PASTY MCWHITERSON SMITH AND I'M 2% INDIAN. I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT INJUN CULTURE, LOL, I JUST LIKE HAVING THE NOVELTY OF BEING ABLE TO SAY I'M PART INDIAN. THAT MEANS YOU'LL ACCEPT ME INTO YOUR GROUP, RIGHT?!?!?!?!!!" makes people like me who don't pretend to want to be Indian out of respect lose some serious credibility. I'm stereotyped as just another cracker buying a fluffy dream catcher that says "Made in China" somewhere on it from some cheesy giftstore.

So, in short, yes, it bothers me.

just_kitty 09-24-2006 02:08 AM

My grandmother was full Choctaw (Oklahoma) but didn't want to talk about it. She considered it "a bad thing" to be Indian because of the prejudices she suffered in her youth. Much was lost because of this. My family has spent a great deal of time and effort learning about our heritage. We have "rediscovered" our heritage in the past 20 years and take great pride in it. My daughter is Choctaw, Cahuilla (Torris-Martinez band) and Euro-mutt. She was born on the res, and we lived there for several years. She dances at the Powwows, and as a child had a hard time understanding why the cowboys were always chasing the Indians in the movies. My mother looks Indian, and so does my daughter, but my sisters and I look white. Would we be more Indian if we looked more indigenous? Does Indian blood skip a generation in cases like this? I get really tired of being told that I'm not Indian because I don't look like it. It is more often the Euro-mutt non-Indians that want to point out to me that I don't look Indian, therefore I can't be Indian. What's up with that? Sorry about the rant - but I too needed to vent on this topic.

yellowthunders mama 09-25-2006 03:57 PM

[QUOTE=just_kitty]"My grandmother was full Choctaw (Oklahoma) but didn't want to talk about it."
I know what you are talking about here. I am Mississippi Band Choctaw on my mother's side. My mother never talked about it until I started asking questions as a teen. I married a full-blood, well 50-50 and fortunately our son "looks NDN" except for his curly baby hair. Now my family is very proud and my mother is starting to tell the stories again. But we are not living in the depression anymore like her father who didn't tell the stories very often. And to him it was about survival, pass for white and you eat. As for looking white, I do too and my sister doesn't. That is just the way the genes work. Sometimes people think I am a wannabe and then they get to know me and don't think that anymore. People are always judging books by their covers. Can't change that. Usually the people who tell me that I do not look NDN are not NDN and I ask them, "do you know a lot of NDNs?" They say no and I say, "then how do you know what we look like."
So to answer the original question. The issue is important to me but I agree with just kitty here, you can't always tell how deeply rooted in Native heratige a person is just by looking at them. And both Natives and Non-Native are guilty of this.

just_kitty 09-25-2006 08:58 PM

I love your reply - (I ask them, "do you know a lot of NDNs?" They say no and I say, "then how do you know what we look like.") I will use that in the future - thank you for your reply - I knew there had to be others like me out there. As a Substance abuse counselor and the manager of a homeless shelter for women and children, I deal daily with the damage that people cause by judging others by their appearance, and not by what is inside. Unfortunately, that IS the way the world is.... sad but true

2 Trails 09-26-2006 09:16 PM

What is the issue?
Hey Just Kitty;
I am also a substance abuse counselor. I am lic in the State of Tenn and am also a NCAC. Any jobs out your way?
~2 Trails ~

just_kitty 09-27-2006 01:34 AM

Lots of jobs in the larger cities, and, believe it or not, the Fresno area!?!?! Fresno has a large concentration of rehabs because there is a great CAADE accreditted school there. Here in the Coachella Valley, unfortunately there are only a handful of centers. i think it maybe because the Betty Ford Center is here. But you have to have a masters at least to work there.

We are going to be breaking ground next year on a beautiful new facility and we will have a lot of positions to fill then. AGRM.org has an employment page and list the positions with our association around the US.

Blessing to you - it really takes a special kind of person to work in our field, take the kind of heartbreak we see daily, and do it for the low rate of pay that we get!!!! I really love the work, thrive on it actually, but have been told by many people, "I couldn't do your job".

Out here in CA you are required to have CAADEE, CADAC, or the national, or international equivilent of on these. They have really tightened the regulations and the certification requirements in our state - how about there?

Coyot_In_The_House 09-28-2006 01:46 PM

And, and, and this 1 time @ Band Camp.....
Here's my usual spin.....In some instances a "Wannabe" had an instructor? Possibly a "Wannabe" instructor who learned from yes once again a Wannabe? Now somewhere in that confusion that Wannabe (word keeps popping up) just could have had influence from a Skin....Who professed to have the G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip mind you....N that Skin divulged or swindled that Wannabe? What i'm getting @ is certain folks leave certain things open and then Wannabes scoop up that info and run with it....If the info was never made available, well maybe that would have never happenned? I.E. "If Woody had gone 2 the Police this would never have happenned". Skins need to keep certain doings under da Radar so 2 speak....Now another flip on this is.....Let them....Let the "wannabe" (yet again that word) make an absolute jackass out of themselves. Let them cause as long as your grounded in who and what you are.....Jackasses shouldn't disturb you....More so you could find it amusing....Yet another flip....We need Cultural Police....Folks who will patrol possible "wannabe" doings and shut them right down! Draw and quarter all said Wannabes and collect any funds generated by said Wannabes and deposit funds into the "Anti-Wannabe trust fund". This fund can help further protect and defend from Wannabe assaults.....Kind of like the Homeland Security fund.....All Wannabes will carry a Wannabe card that will identify them as a Wannabe! Please be careful when reading posts by the Coyot for they can be amusing or even confusiing to a Wannabe...... The the the the that's all folks....:tapedshut

Coyot_In_The_House 09-29-2006 01:35 PM

Even more of a spin.....
I've noticed some so-called "Wannabes" have more respect for certain particulars then some Skins? I.E. Cultural attaches.....That falls in the knowledge category and just general respect. Certain things that don't need to be mentioned at least here in a forum, should remain within communities. In general though and as long as respect is practiced certain "Cultural Attaches" are beneficial to any two legged being. However don't use or abuse it.

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