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View Poll Results: will you find out the truth or continue the lie?
for you ancestors who shed blood for the future. 1 100.00%
the goverment destroy ing your history. 0 0%
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living the lie its time for it to DIE!

To the native people of NC. the goverment has been keeping the truth from the indian people of the eastern parts of the state. they have tried to destroy our history that has been here hundreds of years. they forced us off of our home lands and gave us ficticious names and said our bloods were to mixed up to know who and were we came form. many of us came from the Tuscarora people that stayed behind after the great wars around 1711-1713. the goverment is still trying to hide the truth from us but if you do your geneolgy, many of you will find that your bloods are not mixed like they say and you are direct decendents of the tuscarora reservation that was around Bertie county and your ansestors migrated south or maybe west in some cases. there were many diffrent settlements of tuscarora people in NC . down in robeson and was once called bladen county the tuscarora blood is very strong and and the great LRDA knows that they came from tuscarora people. they used tuscarora blood to show that they are indian but they will not tell you the history of how and were that indian blood that runs through there veins came from. they will say they come from many diffrent tribes from around the area and they mostly have cheraw and catawba and a couple other tribes bloods. thats what the goverment has brain washed into there heads. but lrda has done the geneolgy on many families and has published books on them and they even said they were tuscarora but they are continuing to try and destroy there own family history and just say foget about there ancestors even yours, as if they have done nothing for you. they are the reason you have what little freedom you a have they faught to keep there bloods strong and alive and its the same fighting blood that runs through our veins and our children and grandchildren today . if you do you family geneology you will find out more than what you think.the coharie tribe migrated from the neuse river into the clinton area and they are direct decendents from the tuscarora people. and they know who they are but lrda/lumbee trible council is like the boss i guess you can say of all nc state recognized tribes and all the other tribes have to go through them to get anything aproved. they are getting paid to hide the truth of what the goverment has created and not what God created if you ask me. if you do your history, what you are called know, will be history. nya-weh(thank you)
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