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Talking NATV close to getting it done!

My Brother's & Sister's,
Canada has had Native television for
quite sometime now. Yet, we American Indians have not.

Well that is about to change!

Please read the letter below sent to me just the other day by my
Friend and Brother Jay Winter Nightwolf in reply to our efforts
to get Native programming.

We are so close I can hear the drummers and singers as
they play at a televised competition powwow for those
who can't get out, or see an actual session of the NCAI.

They Need Us, All of Us!
Our own American Indian Television is on the threshold!

Thomas Greywolf
American Indian Injustice Group

Hey Thomas,

I can't agree with you more. That is why I've been so busy over the last month and a half working day and night as one of the (2) executes putting together NATV (Native America Television). It is a 501 - c3 with a studio already in place on Capitol Hill. We are now appealing to tribes, corporations and foundations for funding. We know what the history has been for our people when we allow the big media conglomerates to take charge of portraying who we are. We should longer beg or demand these people to show us in a positive light. They will not do it!

In about 10 days the NATV website will be totally revamped. You can look at it now. However, many changes will be made. Go to . As of right now we have met with NIGA and we're talking to other major Native groups and associations within the next (2) weeks. NCAI and NIEA has endorsed us.

Not only are we fighting to get up and running by October, we have several meetings within the next two weeks with the decision making executives of the top national cable providers.

NATV is a two fold venture with a highly comprehensive education training component. We will be bringing Native youth out here for a (8) week intensive training program in TV/Radio Production, Web Construction and Management, Government Awareness and Advanced Journalism training 4 times each year.

The Columbia School of Broadcasting has partnered with NATV to provide the TV/Radio Production training and support. USA Today has also partnered with NATV to provide the necessary training and skills for advanced journalism.

Professor Larry Adams (University of Maryland) will be teaching and providing the skills and training for Web Design, Management, and Webcast Broadcasting. I've met some opposition from a very few of our Native brothers about having our white brothers and sisters involved in the process however, I cannot let that stray me from the NATV goal of providing education and quality national TV coverage for our people.

My friend and colleague Randy Flood, former Capitol Hill lobbyist and 10 year veteran of the United States Senate will be teaching "Government Awareness." Can you imagine just what this eight week course will accomplished?

1. Our young people will walk away with an education that will enable them to
in the global job market. However they will be required to go back to their
tribal communities and work with their communities in their newly
acquired training and skills.

2. They will have a great understanding of how the United States government
How laws are brought about from beginning to end. Just this training in
itself could potentially give them the desire and skills to further their
education and go on to become lobbyists for their tribes and communities.
Who best can represent our people other than our own educated people.

3. Their are many unforeseen advantages that will be given birth as a result of
NATV's efforts to help our own.

I sincerely hope you understand where I'm coming from. We can use all the financial help we can get. Since NATV is a 501 c3 tax exempt entity, then every dollar that is donated or contributed towards the goal of getting NATV up and running is tax deductible. Our budget to get up and running and first year of operation is approximately 3.7 to 4.0 million dollars. We can do this!!!!!!!!


Jay Winter Nightwolf
Sr. Executive Director for Television/Radio Programming and Production
Native American Television (NATV)
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