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Smile need feedback on this experiencce

September 14, 2005 started like any other day. However, a few minutes into it I knew in my spirit that things were up for a change. I felt the winds of change coming. I took the boys to school and when I got home I started to obsess again. I had been debating on the course of action and today I decided that I would pray with my heart open.
I started to read the literature from the big book of AA and the welbriety Indian book.
To add to the spirit of the moment, I decided to play my Indian music. I kept going back and forth between the computer and the living room. At some point I walked into the living room as this wonderful flute song was playing. Immediately I felt the spiritual presence of my creator and I took the opportunity to pray for deliverance from my tormentor. I begged of him to take away this obsessive demon that followed me everywhere. I began to weep like a child. I kept talking to him and as I did this, my spirit got stronger. Four times I wept to my creator to deliver me from this tormenting spirit that wouldn’t go away. As many times as I did this, at the end of it, I felt the release from the grasp of insanity.
Afterwards, I decided to sit on my front porch and meditate. It was during this time that I kept wondering about this powerful song. One of my dilemmas was that I have very little knowledge of the Lakota culture. The song in question is from one of Douglas spotted Eagle albums. I sat outside wishing I had a Lakota with me to explain the meaning of the song. I didn’t have to wait for one any longer. As I meditated, the stream of thought came to me that this song could be about a little boy lost in the forest crying out for his creator.
I will go to my grave in full knowledge of this to be a fact. Those were the thoughts that came to me. I decided then, that I would look at the CD and find out what the name of the song is. The name of the song is “Siyotanka boy”.
From the archives of the internet, this is the story of the “ Siyotanka boy “

Legend of the Boy
It is told that the first flute came to us by way of a young Indian boy who was lost, wandering alone in the forest. It was there, deep in the forest, that the Great Spirit saw him. Having pity on one so young, he decided to give him a gift so that he would not be alone. From the heavens he sent a small bird to sit upon a hollow branch of a large tree. Underneath the shade of the tree sat the young Indian boy. As the brisk northern wind blew through the hollow branch, it produced a sound which he had never heard before.

Looking up he saw a bird perched high in the tree. Soon the bird began to peck holes into the branch and with each hole that the bird made, it changed the pitch of each note as the wind continued to blow. The young boy realised that the beautiful sound came from the hollow branch and that it was a gift to him from the Great Spirit. He carefully climbed the tree to reach the branch and gently broke off the branch. He blew into it, imitating the northern wind, thereby making the beautiful sound. Later he would find his people and tell them about his wonderful gift. This is how the first flute was brought to us by the Great Spirit, and also why the small bird sits atop each flute.

As told to Jim McDonald by Bushy

I want your take on this experience.

Robert/Mayan Long Beach CA
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