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wyo_rose 03-06-2017 06:10 PM

United Nations World Water Day
Hi! Would it be possible for you to forward this message to all the native tribes you have on your list. That would be very helpful for the future of the water and all circle of life. Thank you very much, aho.


On March 22nd 2017, itís the United Nationís World Water Day, the Water is Life Movement is contacting different organizations and Native Tribes in the United States, in Canada and Whorldwide to make a significant peaceful action all in the same time, at the same moment, Nations wide, to declare that Water is Life-Mni Wiconi.

We invite you to organize an action on that night at 6h00pm PST time zone, 7h00pm MST time zone, 8h00pm CST time zone, 9h00pm Est time zone (time zones for the United States and Canada). For example, people could gather in the city around a water source that is exposed to public viewing like a fountain, a bridge, a port, etc. and everybody can lit a candle. Public speakers could be invited and especially Native women, if theyíre interested, as they are the guardians of water.

Send all the information of your event to contact@Waterislifemovement and you will see it put up on the Action Calendar of the website: www.waterislifemovement.com.

We invite you also to take a look at this site which is dedicated to centralize all the information for the continuation of the Water is Life movement that started in Standing Rock. Please take pictures of the action and send it back so we can gather them all and put them up.

For general inquiries, more information or discussion on this matter, you can contact me at stephanieWater[/MENTI...femovement.com Weíre all in this together, letís bring out a significant message on March 22nd.

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