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URGENT Support is requested from Dine Elders and Youth

Please send far and wide!!!!
URGENT Support is requested from Dine Elders and Youth!
Sithe Global & DPA are proposing to build the Desert Rock power
plant, a
1,500 MW Coal Fired plant in the Four Corners area on the Navajo Reservation. This is an area already polluted by 2 other major coal power plants. Local Navajo residence and community members oppose this project for many harmful reasons!! This Desert Rock power plant is still in the environmental review process and has NOT yet been permitted. However, Desert Rock company trucks have began moving onto the backyard of Alice Gilmore, an elderly navajo woman, and her family on wednesday to begin drilling efforts. Desert Rock officials and police have not shown any
documents or permits to the local residents stating their purpose or permission to be there. Dine supporters and community members have joined Alice and her family to blockade the road. They are elderly women and youth, and they have been camped out on the road over night since
Desert Rock trucks have repeatedly rushed them and have almost run-over people a number of times as they attempt to get by. Desert Rock power company is violating the lease rights of the local Navajo residences and is harassing elderly Navajo women and youth! This is an urgent time and support is needed!!!
Please read on to find out how you can help! and Please pass this onto others! (press release and additional article)]

Lucy A. Willie, right, stands at the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant site outside of Burnham on Wednesday where she and several friends and family stayed overnight to stop a contractor for Desert Rock Energy Company from doing preliminary work.
What they need:
- More People Support
- Fire wood
- $$
- Attention! how You can Help!
- More People! More people are needed to sit in support! All are
directions to the area are below:
The site is between Gallup, NM and Shiprock, NM (northeastern, NM).
Take the road between Gallup and Shiprock, the 491. at the Mustang Service Station (one of the only service stations between the two), turn East on road #5 towards Burnham Chapter. From Burnham Chapter turn North onto gravel road #5082. About 10-12 miles up the road turn West until you
see the encampment. There will be markers (balloons) out on the roads. (if you begin to see a dragline, you've gone too far)
- Fire wood! it is cold outside and many of the resisters are
elderly women. if you can get firewood to the site it is very very much needed! the directions to the site are above.
- $ Money! Resisters are in need of money for gas and food, and also for bail money if necessary. Please send donations to local resident and supporter:
Elouise Brown
1015 Glade Lane 34
Farmington, NM 87401
Elouise can also be reached at:
[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]
- ATTENTION! the more media and observers are present the least likely Desert Rock is likely to run people over or harass them. contact the media, tell them what is going on. Contact Navajo Authorities, tell them you are extremely concerned. Be a legal observer. Spread this Alert!
Media Contact: Lori Goodman, cell #: (970) 759-1908, e-mail
address: [email protected]
Contact the Following Authorities! Tell them you have heard about Desert Rock's harassment of Navajo elders and youth. Tell them you are extremely concerned! If enough people contact these offices they will know that the world is watching. Shiprock Police Department phone: (505) 368-1350
fax: (505) 368-1293 Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley's Office P.O. Box 9000 Window Rock, Arizona, 86515 phone #: (928) 871- 6352 also: George Hardeen, Navajo Nation Communications Director Office of the President Office #: 928-871-7000 Cell #: 928-380-7688 e-mail: [email protected] Bureau of Indian Affairs (Gallup Office) they are conducting the Environmental Impact Statement.
Harrilene Yazzi, NEPA Coordinator Bureau of Indian Affairs, Navajo Regional Office P.0. Box 1060 Gallup, New Mexico 87305
Phone: 505-863-8314
Fax: 505-863-8324
Be a Legal Observer - get to the site and help record/witness what is happening Send this Action Alert Far and Wide!
Thank you for your support!!!
Enei Begaye
Executive Director
Black Mesa Water Coalition
408 E. Route 66, Suite #1
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Office #: (928) 213-9760

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Contacts: Sarah Jane White, Doodá Desert Rock Committee (505) 860-6166 Dailan J. Long , Diné CARE, Doodá Desert Rock Committee 505-801-0713
Elouise Brown, Doodá Desert Rock Comitttee
(505) 974-6159
Lori Goodman, Diné Care (970) 759-1908
Burnham, NM --Burnham, Sanostee & Nenanezah Elders and citizens are braving the cold to protect the land from the encroaching Diné Power Authority (DPA) and Sithe Global LLC at the proposed Desert Rock site.
Navajo residents confronted the Diné Power Authority/Sithe Global on Tuesday afternoon after learning of water drilling that had been occurring without the knowledge and justification of local residents. “I have said ‘No’ over and over again and you keep coming over!” Nenanezah elder Alice Gilmore exclaimed to Sithe/DPA employees at the confrontation. For Gilmore, the issue is despicable and uncalled for since she gave no consent to allow DPA/Sithe onto her grazing area. Members of the Doodá Desert Rock committee gathered to support her opposition and asked Sithe/DPA to disclose Drilling permits that allowed drilling activity to occur, to no avail. The residents refused to leave after the Navajo Nation Police attempted to give access to DPA/Sithe Global, claiming that permits for the Desert Rock project are not for public disclosure.
The Burnham residents barricaded the roads to disallow traffic into the Desert Rock site and have remained in place since the Tuesday incident occurred.
Members of Diné CARE/Doodá Desert Rock Committee met this morning at the Shiprock Courthouse to get answers about drilling permits yet the Lieutenant Dempsey denied access to Gilmore and other concerned residents to view the permits. Residents are asking for: 1.) A copy of the categorical exclusion that is allowing the drilling activities to commence.
2.) Copies of the Clean Water Act Sections 401, 402 and 404, that would prove compliance with regulatory requirements have been met. There are major disturbance taking place and according to the Clean Air Act, these permits are a pre-requisite for drilling activity.
The proposed area is home to extended families, but arbitrarily drawn political boundaries by the Navajo Nation and company representatives have the families separated into the three chapters: Burnham, Sanostee, and Nenahnezad. The boundary defining Burnham and Nenahnezad has been moved
south for benefit of DPA/Sithe as recently as two years ago.
“The local residents are not protesters but are resisters. Who
would be happy if a well is being dug in their backyard especially when it is done in secrecy? So, how can those residents be considered protesters when they are simply defending up for their rights to have clean air, water, and
environment.” Stated, Elouise Brown of Sanostee. Burnham, Sanostee and Nenanezah residents are not waiting for
remedy; many have set up camp at the proposed site and are refusing to move until they get the needed documents. “We’re fed up with them,” states Sarah J.White, President of the Doodá Desert Rock Committee, “the grandmas and the grandpas are being walked over by these monsters and they’re being denied information. We’re standing our ground now.” This incident follows accusations made against Sithe/DPA about environmental injustices, EPA’s
proposed issuance of prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) permit Air Quality Permit for Desert Rock Energy Facility and the creation of Navajo Nation Energy Policies without public input.
Lori Goodman
Dine' CARE
10 A Town Plaza, PMB 138
Durango, CO 81301
PH: (970) 259-0199
FAX: (970) 259-2300
Cell: (970) 759-1908
[email protected]
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