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Let's not forget that this is a, "VOLUNTEER" Army! There is no draft going on! There is so much that is left out of the first post! What I would like to see is both sides to the coin talked about rather than the usual left side only. To compare this country to Saddam's and say that he should be allowed the same weapons as us is nuts! To let a nut job in Iran to have Nukes is insane! We don't tell people that we want to exterminate their race, like he does the Jews. We don't threaten his country just because we can, no he threatens us and the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD with extermination unless we submit to Islam and Sharia Law. That would be an obvious difference! Ask the Kurds who were gassed by Saddam for ethnic cleansing! We of all races should know that you cannot talk to evil! The nut job in Iran, has clearly laid out his views and thoughts, and we aren't to believe him? Oh, and lets not forget the killing fields in Vietnam by the enemy we fought. No the bad guys can be reasoned with? Yeah, like the Whites who almost killed us all off! Look at Europe and how they let the Muslims in, to be Politically correct and see how it's cities are burning now! See Sharia law taking over throught Europe and women and girls enslaved. See young girls going through genital mutilation, honor killings because a man raped them, look how muslim women around the world are murdered for almost anything. It goes on and on and on and yet no matter how many times we see this madness with our own eyes and had our own relatives slaughtered because they existed, we still think, that that kind of pervasive evil, can be reasoned with! They won't care who they kill in this country and the pigment of your skin does not matter with you being an infidel. Your just as much an infidel, as a white, and in case you haven't noticed, people of color are being slaughtered right and left around the world by these mad men. We don't need another killing field any where in this world and when the terrorist support the left in this country, to me it's pretty clear, I want someone who is going to fight and destroy this evil before it kills millions like in WW2!
If you remember our own history, talking got us no where. No, they kept coming and coming, and then when they talked they lied, and then it was on to the next thing they wanted and when we got in the way, they took it anyway way they could.
If we are all related in this world and that is supposed to mean something then, I want nothing to do with those relatives and they ain't coming over for Christmas dinner either!!

You want this for our women? The man that made this 10 min. movie was murdered in the street in Denmark by a radical Muslim man, who cut his throat, stabbed him repeatedly and left a daggar in his chest with a note attached. This is what we can talk to and reason with? Watch the film. The Muslim women are veiled to protect them from being recognised and you will not see their names in the film because they would be murdered for it. Look up Ayaan Hirsi Ali as she is the one who helped make this film. She was a Muslim woman who escaped an arranged marriage to a Muslim man and who is in danger everyday of her life for the making of this film and telling the truth about what Muslim women go through. She is all over YOUTube and every search engine. It's from the horses mouth not a politician! Remember this got a man murdered.

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Blackbear's article was right

I agree completely with the article Blackbear posted.

Has the American presence benefitted Iraq? Now there are 1 million murdered Iraqi civilians. How can we talk about the evil of Saddam Hussein? America put leaders in power, trained by the CIA, who have secret prisons where they torture with electric drills. There has been a mass migration out of Iraq fleeing the genocide and now 4 million have fled to neighboring countries, utterly destitute. The crisis has forced many into prostitution for survival. We dropped incendiary white phosphorus napalm on Fallujah in violation of international law. We dropped massive tonnage of radioactive depleted uranium all over the environment and precipitated an unprecedented cancer epidemic. And since depleted uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, America has created a permanent disaster. The question is, who can reason with America?

War does not bring peace. It does not bring stability. It does not bring education. It brings extremism, starvation, poverty, abuse, prostitution, torture and death. Be careful what you justify. Be careful what you praise. An Army equipped with terror weapons does not buy freedom. This war has utterly no morality. It isn't about demonized threatening brown-skinned Muslims. It's about wealthy corporate media propaganda and ruthless American self-interest.

Does dropping bombs free Muslim women? What about Muslim women who love their religion? Christianity brought boarding schools, child rape, forced abortions, forced sterilizations, child prostitution. Yet soldiers are fighting so the US government can broker Christian missionaries to pacify the region. We brought them Abu Ghraib. We brought them humiliation, rape and murder. We brought them John Negroponte, Death Squads and the "Salvadoran Option." We brought them Blackwater. How can anyone talk about the evils of Islam? We have fractured and destroyed Iraqi society.

If we don't put an end to these arrogant and destructive attitudes about others or stop these selfish wars we will put an end to ourselves.

America has no moral high ground.

The Plan

The Warning

Iraq War Veterans Talk - they have wounds of the soul

The Secret Government. I dare you to watch it. I dare you to think about what it has to say.

Negroponte, Death Squads and the Iraqi Civil War
Dahr Jamail | Negroponte's 'Serious Setback'

The Death Squads


Beyond Treason

Depleted Uranium

"When you go to war and use weapon systems that contaminate air, water and soil; when you go to war and use weapon systems and techniques and combat tactics that our troops are not prepared to do right with...when you go to war and refuse to provide medical care for the health effects...when you go to war and you can't clean up the environment and you can't provide medical care...war is obsolete and peace must reign on Earth." -Dr. Doug Rokke
"We must stop the USA from destroying the world. The United States is damaging the future of this Earth."
Love your sons and daughters. Don't let them be a part of what brings the Purification. If the indigenous people who were given the duty to protect the Earth themselves become like the wasichu and support those institutions which are destroying the Earth, then our future has no hope.
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