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TKMJ Productions 06-14-2006 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by CHEROSAGE
Ken: I think that the honoring during a powwow dance and that of a Gourd dance are similar but not quite the same. If I miss the mark I hope Zotigh can bring me back on line.

In a Powwow dance some one likes th eway you dance OR they have some other purpose, but personal none the less. Yes, some one comes out to pick up the gift and it goes to the dancer. Should no one come out to help, it is the ADs job to pick it up for you.

In a Gourd dance when some one is honored it usually is for some one that means a lot to you, some one special to you for some reason. You ask some one else you wish to recieve the gift to help you honor this great person. After the song is finished the person invited to help should be the one to retrieve the gift. This is that persons gift to do with as they wish, give to the drum, pocket, etc.. This is not for some one to get enough money to buy gas, food or what ever. This is an honoring for the individual. I equate this honoring as a private party, something personal between the 2 gentlemen I want to honor. Yes, some may want to come and help because these gentlemen are special to those helping. I can't believe that everyone helping can even know everyone being honored that well. I feel sometimes like some are crashing this party uninvited.

There may be another honoring in the Gourd dance that Zotigh has mentiioned. That is the Give away. A person, family, etc., wishes to have a give away for their reason. Items are placed at the feet of the dancer. After the song is finished the items are given to those they are wished for. There may be many or few items. What ever money is placed on the ground will go into the gifting.

I hope I have said these things without offending anyone and I hope I have actually said these things correctly. Sometimes I don't always put my words together right, and say things I don't really mean quite the way I said it. I hope Zotigh and others can fix anything I say wrong.

No offense taken. Most people skim over words and read what thay want, not what is written. I reread for what is written to be sure I get the true meaning of the words. Sometimes we all write the wrong words but have the true meaning and ideas in mind and hearts. Sometimes one must look beyond the words and into the heart of the person writing.

I have always taken the idea of gifts placed at my feet are for the people or a certian person, not myself. To me, it doesn't matter wheather I am gourd dancing or powwow dancing. Because of the way I was taught, and who I am, sometimes I mix ideas together just like everyone else.

Back in the old days and in some places still today, everyone works together for all to survive. If you have a true need, It is taken care of if you can't do it yourself. This is how I have always looked at gifts placed at my feet. It's always to take care of others.

I think we are all looking at the same things from different directions, using different words. That must be where some of the confusion is. I would sure like to discuss this in person some evening over coffee and a campfire because word on paper are sometimes different then words from the mouth.


Nathan11 07-09-2006 01:19 AM

wow thats very interesting... haha, i would have never guessed.

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