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BigBearStyle 04-12-2002 12:01 PM

The Best Pow-wow pranks you have ever seen!!!
Hey I was just wondering what the best pow-wow pranks you have ever seen. You know things people do for a good laugh. For example.
My favorite. You take a piece of the handymans secret weapon, duct tape. Put it in a roll so the sticky side is on the outside. Take about 2 feet of toilet paper and put stick on the duct tape. Then stick it to your best friends back, so it looks like it is coming out of the back of his pants. Then you ask him to go for a coffee, maybe make a few rounds and watch a few drums. lmao. We did this one quite a few times one weekend. We got a few people in the just before the winners circle too! Of coarse you cant get mad when it happens to you.
Once someone taped a condom to my back, sick guys real sick! lol. But in good humor I sucked it up and laffed along with the boys.
Another time we made a sign that said "No Exit" with an arrow pointing down, taped it onto the MC, I aint gonna name names but this guy started making like a social butterfly and making rounds shaking hands half way around the arbour. We stood in the bleachers busting a gut. It sure helps pass the time when you see a guy making rounds with toilet paper on his butt!
So, in anyone has another goot one to add heere please do, they are funny as heck to hear about!

man to man 04-12-2002 12:27 PM

re: pranks
I seen that toilet paper prank two months ago at jerry white cloud mid-winter
pow-wow. A drum group called walking buffalo did this to one of their singers.
They had him waking all over the place. poor guy

nmiishdiye 04-14-2002 08:13 PM


BigBearStyle 04-16-2002 04:14 PM

I remeber this one time one of the boys was taking an afternoon nap and had his hands infront of him. Over his mid-section. Anyway, someone came along and put a wiener in his hand so it looked like he was holding his ugh-hm. He sat there sleeping for a good 45 minuted while people walked by and laughed at will. When he woke up the wiener fell out of his hand and he was non the wiser!

young scout 04-18-2002 06:05 AM

One time we was sittin' around the drum just about to sing and there was alot of people gathered around us. All of a sudden one of our guyz picks up a brown little dirty twig right up off the ground and pretends to take a nibble at it, as if it were some root...and then this so called "rat root" makes its way around the drum to one of the guyz who didn't really pay attention to what was goin on. So the poor fella takes a bite into it!!! u could jes hear the crunch and hes got all dis dirt round his mouth......then he's all like "what tha f**k?" we all busted out like crazee and then we all had a hard time singin that song!!!!!! :D

BigBearStyle 04-26-2002 05:52 PM

lmao @ Young Scout. Thats pretty funny.

Pheji Wanbli 04-30-2002 11:03 AM

duct tape a friend in a porty potty... make um sweat.:D

Mato Winyan 05-01-2002 11:48 AM

I was on the receiving end of this one!!

This happened a couple of weekends ago at the Iowa City powwow. Saturday night after the powwow my daughter and her boyfriend and two friends went back to the hotel. We decided to order pizza.
At 12:47 we ordered two large, two bottles of soda and an order of buffalo wings and jalepeno poppers from Gumby's Pizza. They said it would be 30~45min. In the mean time the '49 started in the parking lot of the motel. Huge crowd!!!! There were people and cars on every inch of it.
1:47 came and no pizzas. :(
The party was in full force. Laughter and screaming. Wild natives running all over. :lol:
I call and the guy on the phone said they were running a little late. While I was on the phone we thought we heard somebody say Gumby's so we thought they were there then. But then all of a sudden we heard this loud laughter and what sounded like a herd of buffalo run past our room on the upper level. We thought a fight broke out for sure cause we heard ......."GET HIM!!!!!!" then BOOM..BOOM..BOOM....boom.....boom.........boom.... ....boom
past our door. :16:
We wait and wait....still no pizzas. Then after 2 I try to call Gumby's again. Now they aren't answering their phone and they are closing at three.
It's like... what the heck? :Thinking We all are starving and no other place is open that will deliver.
In the mean time the cops come and clear everyone from the lot. :47:
Finally after 3am we decided to go over to Hardee's. When we come back people are starting to come back out.
The next morning I have to take my daughters boyfriend to the powwow cause he is head singer and has to be there early. When I come back I go up the opposite steps and what do I see??? A trail of chicken wing bones going up the steps!!!! Our chicken bones!!! Someone snagged our order!!! :eek: :Cry
We had to laugh. We thought it was clever how they did it.
Who said the natives don't hunt and gather anymore?? :Tongue :10:

BigBearStyle 05-01-2002 03:49 PM

LMAO, that was great. I wonder what happened to the Pizza boy?

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