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OsageNDN 06-13-2000 02:06 AM

I have used everything from electrical tape, tennis tape, ace bandages, panty hose, yarn and scrap material for drumstick heads. Out of all of them I like a combination of electrical tape for the inital weight and then scrap material. I then use white button thread to sew it all up.

Here is my question... if you don't sew the leather to the handel what is the best type of glue to use to make it stick. Sometimes my handle leather comes off. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!

The Big Indian

MATT MATHEWS 06-13-2000 10:41 AM

The singing group that I use to be with used the pre-made drumstick we got from Crazy Crow. The ones with the black handles and heads. We would cover the head with buckskin and it worked real good. The thing with those sticks you could grind the head or handle to your liking. If you just use the stick like it is the sound of the stick hitting the drum it slaps the drum and does not sound just right. We've also have used half duct tape and either ace bandages or panty hose and then cover it with buckskin.
You have to try different styles because of the weight that you want. Anyway just my two cents worth.

OnTheRoad 06-13-2000 05:37 PM

just wait, you'll get your turn.


Jae 06-14-2000 09:39 AM

i usually use driveway markers for the rod. they are stiff and don't wobble too much yet just enough. for the handle i like to glue a junior size golf club handle on the end (build up the end with duct tape to fit the handle)...it feels great after you get the rubber broken in a bit. i've been playing around with heads...i haven't found the right one yet, i think. i have a cloth covered head now.

i also try to weight the butt end of the beater so i can balance it on a couple fingers where i would hold it.

OnTheRoad 06-14-2000 10:31 PM

Fiberglass, the lady at Wal-Mart looks at me with a "what the hell do you need with these?" look on her face when I walk up with a bunch of bicycle flags in my hands.


Beth 06-15-2000 01:27 AM

Hey guys!! It's not the cover that I have a problem with. It's the head itself. I have had a few go sailing by my head sitting behind the men. Someone gave a friend a drumstick that they thought would never break. I will say it lasted longer than most. It made it at least 6 months before going past my head.

miigwan 06-18-2000 05:21 PM

hello guys...I have been lookin for this topic fo a few days now as I thought I could lend a hand here...

been makin' sticks for many throughout the years...

You can order drumstick kits from nocbay.com with instructions. I order their graphite drumstick rods and add my own from there and always a few on hand so that I can continue to make them and pass them on as gifts. They are available in northern and southern lengths.

I start with contact cement and either use yarn or blanket materials for the fill of the head and the handle. For yarn, a layer of contact cement and a layer of carefully wrapped yarn, a layer of contact cement and a layer of carefully wrapped yarn...I shape the head and the handle as I go by carefully wrapping the yarn. I then finish by tying off the yarn good with a few half hitches I think.

The blanket wrap is also a layer of contact cement and a continuing wrap of blanket material, contact cement and blanket... however, there is more freedom to shape the stick with the yarn.

I then cover the head with a carefully wrapped layer of electrical tape that I either take all the way up to cover the stick or not. (depending on whether or not I will be finishing the stick with thread or chainette fringe-this is cosmetic-but appreciated by the recipient)

For the handle, I cover with leather. My handles resemble the shape of a little baseball bat and I begin sewing the end first before I put it on...i then finish it on the stick by sewing with a stitch that looks like what you'd see on a baseball... use sinew and a glovers needle.

for the heads, I have used a variety of coverings..fur, faux fur, or leather. When the sewing machine is up I use it and sew them almost all the way down turned inside out and finish it off on the stick with sinew and a glovers needle.

if I am doing one of my fancy wraps, I wrap the stick before the final step of finishing off the heads and handles first-that way the wraps stay put under the ends.

I have done some fancy wraps with threads or chainette fringe. Again, I start with a tacky layer of contact cement and carefully wrap the threads exactly next to each other up the stick. I have made sticks that incorporate the vietnam veterans colors matched an outfit, a drum or just plain looked cool. take a look at a fishing pole and you will see some wrapping styles. That is actually how I got the idea of wrapping them with fancy wraps. I can also do many colors of threads to do chevrons, and starbursts to create a cool looking stick.

And then again, electrical tape comes in many cool colors...

I think as with all crafts, the more time you take in considering construction the better off you will be.

Some have brought me sticks to make made of wood but I don't know what kind it was, I just honored their request and made them the stick they wanted.

they must hold up pretty good as I see them sticking around and being used.

And I have seen the heads come off out there in the arbor-not the end of the world and usually gets a few sounds of laughter into the next push up! I like to hear that laughter from the arbor coming out in a song once in a while, it is good to hear you guys out there havin a good time!

I hope I have been able to help someone.

WaxeNuZhinga 06-19-2000 04:49 AM

I have to concur about the Crazy Crow sticks. They are much too light for my taste. I don't like really heavy sticks but those things don't make any sound at all.

I don't know much about construction since I have only made a few sticks over time but the ones that I use have handles that are made of duct tape wrapped straight around the handles two rows high. It really makes a nice solid handle.

As for the wooden sticks, I have really only heard of dogwood being used for them. Dogwood is very dense and very strong. It is often used for making bows, so it must be strong. The only problem is finding a clear, knot-free piece of it since it usually grows really crooked. Something like Osage Orange would probably work as well though since they are kind of similar types of wood.

Anyway.... Hope this was useful.

BrownHornet 06-19-2000 05:56 AM


Wood for Drumsticks:

Dogwood, very durable. You generally have to make a drumstick out of a dogwood branch. This tends to be weaker because you have the sapwood, heartwood, and pulp.

Osage Oarnge, Much more tenacious than dogwood. Its in the locust family, no realation to the above. You can find lots of it if you live in the plains states. It was planted as winbreaks during the dust bowl.

Hickory: This is another all around tuogh wood. you would want to split you stick out of a log and carve it to get the most durable variety. Hickory is a all around tough, flexible wood.

Hope this helps

Fiberglass is easier

The Hornet

BrownHornet 06-20-2000 04:59 PM


Dennis Coan huh! hes got some pretty good gourd dance songs.


OnTheRoad 10-10-2000 10:03 PM

I truely appreciate your kind gesture, honestly. But I have too many sticks as it is and have gotten kinda picky about my sticks. I had a whole bag full of sticks and my friends from NC jacked every last one of them. At one dance, they cleaned me out. I was bummed. I still see them every time I sing with them, some have had a little first aid if you dig what I mean. Again, I appreciate the offer, but I really have no business getting attatched to another stick.

RW 10-11-2000 01:29 AM

Free Drum stick! where do I sign? http://www.powwows.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
I've been lookin for a really thin rod "whippy" stick for some time. semi hard head..Hook me up Brother!! http://www.powwows.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Take care
Rich http://www.powwows.com/ubb/smile.gif

powwowbum49 10-11-2000 03:51 AM

I would be willing to try one of your sticks out SDinAZ. If I make the cut on timing I prefer one about 21" mid size handle and mid weight head. Aho for the offer.

Tsi-tse Wa-tsi 10-11-2000 05:14 PM

Hey, am I to late? I sure could use a good nine drum stick. http://www.powwows.com/ubb/smile.gif I can hear it now...oh my black jack daisy.......


MrRuminator 10-11-2000 09:48 PM

" These six are just some free test sticks I'm putting out to see what the consensus is on my work, how well they hold up, you all had your chance, but six is the cut off point for the sticks, better luck next time!) "

I see you finally found a use for all those Firestone tire cores!

BrownHornet 10-12-2000 11:50 PM


Do i get one???? Can I testify as an expert witness. I dont give them a workout like some...I have a good friend thats an anthro teacher...hits the drum harder than anybody I know. I will let him use it. If they pass him they can take about anything.


Spoons 10-16-2000 03:43 AM

You would go and make that offer the week I wasn't reading messages, wouldn't you?

Oh, well, I'm pretty happy with the sticks I have now. I think they were made by powwowbum49, so I'll defer to his expert opinion of your sticks. If he likes the stick you send him, then I probably would, too. And if he doesn't like it, then he has no excuse not to give it to me. http://www.powwows.com/ubb/tongue.gif

Spoons 10-18-2000 04:18 AM

How could anyone ever spend too much time here?

(Wait a minute - was I supposed to go to work today? Damn.)

Benther_Dunthat 10-18-2000 05:47 PM

Last several sticks I've made I used a little duct tape or athletic tape at the core of the stick then built the head up using that foam pre-tape like atheletes and fancy dancers use so they don't have to pull all the hair off.

I was told to sew the leather with rough side out 'cause the smooth side slaps to much.

powwowbum49 11-08-2000 11:47 PM


Thank you, I got mine today. Looks pretty good. Handle is a little bigger in diameter than I was expecting, but hey I got big hands http://www.powwows.com/ubb/wink.gif. I should be trying it out very soon and will be able to give you more info on it them.

What did you put in the head to keep it from sliding off?

Thanks again

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