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BLAZIN'OJIB 10-23-2001 02:48 PM

Skydome Powwow
Hey everybody,
Just wondering if any "good" drums will be headed to the toronto skydome powwow this year. I know they could use some good music. Prize money ain't too shabby: 1st 5000
2nd 4000
3rd 3000
4th 2000
5th 1000

plus a 10 000 dollar split for all those that don't place. last year all the non placing drums went home wit $1000 dollars cause there was only ten non-placing drums. not bad uh?
I heard White Fish Jr's will be hosting this years.......anbody going to go and take a stab at the prize?

chip 10-23-2001 06:39 PM

Well according to the moccasin telegraph, the rumoured groups that are suppose to be attending skydome are as follows;
Mystic River
Midnite Express
Eagle Flight
Whitefish Jrs.
Snake Island
Poplar singers
thats all I've heard of so far but I'm guessing that alot more will show.

Big Chocolate Thunder 10-25-2001 04:22 PM

Who all showed up last year??

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