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okla49er 08-24-2001 04:12 PM

whered the drum come from?
i would like to ask all you northern plains tribes your own peoples history on where the drum came from.i know we got it from god but who made the first drum man or women was it always here or did it just appear one day.let me know what youve been told.cause theres stories that people(non indians)are coming up with that say we got the drum from somewhere else.i know thats not true. i just want know other tribes history on the drum if you could help please do

ndn_ave 08-29-2001 02:25 PM

i guess no one knows where the drum came from!!!!!!!!!!!

twostep_16 09-07-2001 04:48 PM

I was told by a story teller that a woman had a vision about the drum and she gave it to men. The 8 singers represent the directions. hopefully that answers it. it's what i was told so i am passing it on.

Jacques 09-07-2001 05:22 PM

for what nation?

Big Chocolate Thunder 09-08-2001 01:52 AM


travelingmocs 09-08-2001 03:22 AM

Ok okla49er, where did the drum come from down on the southern plains. Where did the Otoes get the drum. Just wondering........tms

DCP 09-09-2001 11:07 PM

Can't remember the origin, but I once heard this version of the drum's origin.

When women cleaned the hides for rawhide and leather, they would often stretch the hide out on a frame to scrape. As the hide dried, they noticed it made a cool noise, so they figured an instrument could be made from it. The women made a drum and liked it so much they thought it would be a gift worthy of giving away, so they gave it to the men.

I'm no story teller, but that's the Reader's Digest condensed version.

ndn_ave 09-11-2001 03:34 PM

to traveling mocs otoes got the drum from a women they used to use a hollowed out log with nothing over it just beat on the sides then this women covered it with a hide she then showed it to her husband who was a singer and thats the basic part of the story i dont know it in detail so sorry.but i hope that helps

powwow bum 09-12-2001 12:52 AM

the story i heard is an eagle was flying over a man and the eagle pooped out the drum and it hit the man on the head and the whole camp came running to see if the man was alright and that's why you also hear the loud thump at the beginning of a song, so the whole camp will come see what's happening

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Granny MocStomper 09-12-2001 02:14 AM


I've just been reading your posts, so let me guess...You're the guy that got hit in the head right????? :p

ndn_ave 09-12-2001 02:10 PM

i think the question was where did it come from not who pooped on it first.

okla49er 09-12-2001 05:23 PM

thanks for the replies didnt really get too much out of it but i know not everybody knows.and to travelingmocs me and ndn_ave are brothers so what he said is what i know too

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