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Nightherder 12-09-2000 03:41 PM

Striped awning cloth for tipi covers?
For a long time I've planned to make a Nez Perce style tipi from striped awning, and I still would love to make one some day.

Does anyone know of a source? All I could find was synthetic which I don't want.


tipis 12-09-2000 04:19 PM

The only awning cloth I can even get is the 50/50 synthetic or you can get pillow ticking which was also used and you can get striped cloth and do a heavy duty job of waterproofing the surface.


Nightherder 12-09-2000 04:57 PM

Can you give me specifics on this 50/50 cloth?
Pattern of stripes?
Color of stripes?
Width of cloth?

tipis 12-09-2000 05:46 PM

50/50 sometimes refers to the awning cloth you were talking about. It is 50 cotton ant 50% acrylic or a nylon base. It comes 36" to 60" or more wide. Comes in many colors.
And it is more expensive than the treated Sunforger that is used in most tipis.

Peter Boyle Canvas is one supplier. Best thing is to call up a boat and/or awning manufacturer in your area and see what they have. Hope you have an Industrial sewing machine.


Nightherder 12-09-2000 05:58 PM

Thank you, "tipis"

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