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~pathwalker~ 06-21-2005 04:49 AM

The First And Last Date!
What was one of your worst, funniest or plain ole scariest Date situations. I know there are some crazy folks out there, so what happened when you went on a first and last date?
Also, How did it happen that you went out on that date? A friend set you up? Met the person and THOUGHT they were kinda kool? Pressured into it? Persistence? You can write about more than one if there have been several, like mine have been.

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mreyna 06-21-2005 09:15 AM

my sister and her boyfriend set me up with this guy. I was still in high shcool about to graduate. SO he and his friends I think the were 2 other guys that were there came to pick me up. we went to the golf range and they hit some balls not bothering to talk to me and then we went to see the firm in the theater. that should tell you how long ago this was. so he didnt have to talk to me for the whole movie and then we went home. I was like that was a date? Basically I was a shadow. I never saw the guy again.

~pathwalker~ 06-21-2005 03:32 PM

Possibly SHY? Never know M.

Ginger 06-21-2005 03:40 PM

on my first date I was 16 my mom wouldn't let me date before that, we went to a movie can't remember what it was at the drive in remember thoes?? :lol: well any way he was so nevious SP that he ran into the laight pole in front of my house & them he had gass so bad that eveytime he'd pass he would jump out ot the car. :lol:

Ginger 06-21-2005 03:44 PM

The scariest date I have ever been on well it was sort of a date almost. well my BF was suspose to pick me up from work & he couldn't make it so he sent a his friend to get me, well this car pulled up it it was filled with dudes about 6 of them I didn't know anyone of them & they were all stoned & drunk they said hey were Scott's friend get in. NO WAY I called my dad up & he got me. the next day I found out they were in an accident & one of them died.

Ginger 06-21-2005 03:47 PM

Here's one I was on a group date with a bunch of friends & cousins & the guy I was with got out of the car in the middle of town, naked streaking back & forth well my cousin locked the doors & wouldn't let him back in the car the whoel time driving 5 miles an hour. :lol: that was fun

Joe G 06-21-2005 03:59 PM

Well, once in my checkered past, I was going in to this nightclub...and it was so dark...after coming in from the sunshine, that you just couldn't see. As I was making my way stumbling along, all of a sudden I get tripped, and fall right over! Well, it was this girl...pretty too...so of course being tripped, I'm like, wtf was that all about...and she says I just wanted to meet you! Well since she was obviously the subtle type...I did start to hang around with her. I was bashful at first, but she was like a starving dog, and me a big piece of steak. Then, eventually I meet her dad, and he goes off on me...about his innocent daughter...and he hoped I was a gentleman!!! Oh well...that gal made nymphomaniacs seem introverted...but I didn't want to bust his bubble...
This didn't last, tho...and she was about ready to run out as soon as my savings did...but hey I've wasted money on worse things! :lol:

~pathwalker~ 06-21-2005 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by Ginger
Here's one I was on a group date with a bunch of friends & cousins & the guy I was with got out of the car in the middle of town, naked streaking back & forth well my cousin locked the doors & wouldn't let him back in the car the whoel time driving 5 miles an hour. :lol: that was fun

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Singing Otter 06-21-2005 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by ~pathwalker~
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Singing Otter 06-21-2005 04:59 PM

Waaaaay back when.... I let a friend talk me into a double date. Oh muh gohwudddd the guy was borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. (I would have rather watched grass grow.) As if that wasn't bad enough the two doots ended up arguing over who would pay for a soda. (one made his own lemonade by getting water wif lemon and using table sugar.... the other got the soda... they were broke so they had to split it the bill. How bout I paid for muh own mess.) The guy walked me back to my hut... I promptly thanked him with a firm handshake and left him standing outside. See? Das why I go dutch. Raggedy nasty azzez.

A loooooooooooooooooong time ago......I went out with this guy..... Well at the close of the date he kissed me on the cheek and later on when i looked in the mirror to put on some lipstick.... on my cheek....where he kissed me.... was a paste that looked like donut crust. :eek5: I hadn't had donuts!!! It was dried crusted drool.... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :errrr: :hitsfan: Dat ain't natural.

~pathwalker~ 06-21-2005 05:47 PM

S.O., You poor thing! Ewwww!
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Ginger 06-21-2005 05:52 PM

I didn't date my second hubby we met while camping & ran off in the woods necking, I just slept with him, now were dating! :lol:
that's just grossseee singing otter

badmaninc 06-21-2005 06:57 PM

When I was in university, I met this girl and asked her out. Had one date, she made me feel uncomfortable but couldn't understand why so I decided against asking her for a second date. Well about two weeks later, I had a female guest over and she was just getting back from a run so she wanted to shower at my place. This other girl I dated once got to my place and got all nasty, accusing me of fooling around on her. I told her we only went out once and I didn't even kiss her goodnight. The girl who was showering said, "Hey I don't want any part of this" and left. This girl starts freaking out on me. I told her to leave. My car got keyed a couple of days later, she left about 20 disturbing messages on my answering machine. That's how long ago it was. She left several profanity laced letters on my windshield. I ended up going to the police and saying that I was getting concerned. Cop goes to see her and then she tells them she's pregnant with my child. Anyway the female cop comes back to me and starts giving me grief saying she can't believe I would turn my back on a girl that I impregnated. I said that wasn't possible cause I never slept with her. She went back to see this girl and the girl told the cop we bonded spiritually. Anyway, it was getting weird. I got a restraining order and then eventually moved due to all of the bizarre behaviour. Since that time, I have never had a phone number in the telephone book. Its been about 18 years and I still get nervous sometimes, that she may find me. The cop got real scared for me and for the next couple of months they used to drive by my place to ensure she wasn't skulking around. Anyway, that was a bizarre date.

Ginger 06-21-2005 07:19 PM

Now that's scarry I wonder if she's in jail or somthing now she's just crazy

Singing Otter 06-21-2005 08:23 PM

That's scary.....

Blackbear 06-21-2005 09:02 PM

I've done a good job of supressing the memories of my first date. The best date I went on was with my now hubby... I fell off a galloping horse but still it was the best date LOL

badmaninc 06-21-2005 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by Ginger
Now that's scarry I wonder if she's in jail or somthing now she's just crazy

Don't know dude, and I'm not gonna ever try and find out either. I ended up having to get a restraining order against her though. I really had a stalker. When I was going to school, I never ever went home the same way twice. Sometimes I used to drive around for a about an hour just to see if anybody was behind me. Dude she was a freak. I was thinking just how bad it would be if I was really good looking or something. Actually haven't told too many people about it, its a chapter in my life that I hope will always stay in the past.

Ginger 06-22-2005 12:00 AM

One of the scarest date I was ever on was one night I was walking home through a park, it was a short cut to my house with my boy friend who was a Boxer, any way while were on our way some dude came out of nowere wanting us to buy somthing & my Boyfriend told him jsut to get away well next thin you know this dude started to fight & I grabbed a huge branch & he kept telling my BF to keep me away from him while they were fighting.

~pathwalker~ 06-22-2005 04:44 PM


oneida_huny 06-23-2005 04:40 PM

this is one of the craziest non-date dates ever. I was suppose to go see a movie with my brother and his girlfriend one night and I didn't want to be the third wheel so I was online about an hr b4 the movie started and I asked my friends brother if he wanted to come with us. Juss as we were gonna leave my brother and his gf got into an argument and didn't wanna go so I went anyways cuz I didn't want my buddy ta think I was being a jerk and didn't show. So I went but I was not in anyway attracted to this guy he was juss someone who I happen to be talking to right b4 the movie started. So we walk into the theater and half of the freakin rez was there! someone took a youth group there and I swear there was 20 ppl from our rez there. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the situation. And ofcourse they went to the same movie we were seeing so we got to watch the movie with 100 eyes glancin at us. Then after that we were leaving and decided to go grab some coffee, we walk into the coffee shop out of the way and I turn around and my ex's mother and gramma and aun were sitting there smiling at me and waving. My ex's mother likes to talk lets juss leave it at that. She isn't shy at all either. She came up to me and one of my guy friends at a lacrosse agem and asked if we went there together and when we told her yes it was a couple dayz b4 I heard we were practically engaged and stuff. SO ofcourse I was just waiting for the stories to start about this next. Sure enough they did. Im still defendin that night even though im with someone else...lol..Leave it up to gossip to turn 2 friends catchin a movie into 2 ppl inlove "all over eachother" lol

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