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Spiritflight 05-06-2016 04:58 AM

I just realized... on TV, a german speaking man in his 50s I believe dressed up like an indian wearing some feather arrangement got interviewed by a tv reporter. At first I thought another hobbyist but then I have seen him having extra long artificial or maybe real finger nails on one hand painted in pink with one in a different color, it scared me, while the tv reporter addressed him as indian. :3d: :sad_smile

Spiritflight 05-06-2016 04:59 AM

I just realized it's better to be off alone than having fake friends, while the word friend is wrong since they are fakes anyway.

windanncer 06-11-2016 02:01 AM

I just realized it forest fire season again. Good ol' AZ is leading with about 12 active fires. They do like it hot out there I guess. LoL!!!!

Spiritflight 06-13-2016 05:40 AM

I just realized, no matter what you wear, you'd been judged by what you wear.

First time out with my new bargain artificial black leather pants, first person who passed by, an old lady pushing a "walk chair". Usually people look into my face, but her eyes where glued onto my pants expressing some kind of little fear. My goodness, it's just pants with a good side effect, keeps warmer than jeans and today we had only 53 odd F over here this morning.
Also if any non native american indian dresses up as one, random people go.... look, there's an indian.

renia58 06-15-2016 07:00 AM

I just realized that my past affect my present

Ndnsoldierboy 07-25-2016 05:47 PM


I just realized, I don't miss MRE's. :lol: But, if I had to eat them again, I would. Would be very selective on which ones I would eat.

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