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Opinions welcomed!

Hi everybody,

I'm Lisa, 26, and french. I'm sorry I'm not at all a Native even from far (my roots are more around Poland actually).
I'm a french 2D animator and director, graduated by La Poudrière, a direction school in southern France. I've already directed some animated short films,
you can see some of them here : .
I also have a tumblr where you can see my paintings and animations : Tshaw

I hope I don't bother you, but it's important for me to have your opinion about something.

Here's the thing :
I want my new animation film project to take place in a Indian reservation.

The main subject of my film is our link with Nature, and how the human being in general took away from Nature, basically with the westernization and the capitalism. We don't know how to recognize trees or birds, how to plants vegetable, or where does this ananas from the supermarket come from actually?
I guess people who have the strongest link with Nature are Native tribes from all around the world, or at least for what remains of them.
Also - from my occidental point of view - Native American culture is the clearest example of this beautiful link Human beings can have with Nature.

And here's the point of my film :
It tells the story of a french 10 year old girl who's sooo interested in Native Americain Cultures, but only the passed one - the one of the books and movies and videogames. She idealises a perfect life in harmony with Nature.
She's going on a tourist tour in an Indian reservation and she's so excited, then she discovers a reality she didn't expect - that people don't live with Nature like she thought. She goes to a Native American Market, and it's all like, normal people, doing business, selling nice stuffs, driving cars etc.
Also there's a lot of tourists there, and tours, and bus

ANYWAY, to summarize, after that the little girl runs away in the forest because a Native guy make fun of her naivety and she argued with her mom, in the forest she plays naively like she was an Indian girl living in the forest, then she gets lost, cry, have to sleep in the woods alone under the rain, learn that living in the
Nature is kind of really hard, then she meets a buffalo near a river, and in the morning she's found but she decides to stay in the forest anyway. (it's a very very small recap). the end.

I'm aware that making a film which take place somewhere I've never been and refering cultures I can't know because I'm a white french girl, is complicated.
This is why it's important to me to share this project with you, I don't want to show something false or to give the impression of stealing your culture, I guess you've already paid for this. This is a first version, and I'm open to criticsm.

As a female person I wouldn't like if a guy would make a film about how is it to be a woman if he doesn't take time to talk with some of us first. Seems logical.

That's why I'm looking concretely for persons who would like to take the time to discuss with me, I would detail my film and we could share about how making it more true and realistic.
I would be please to hear your different ways of life and of course your link with nature in 2018. Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested.

Here's some pictures

Also if you have ideas of references about this subject (documentaries, books, movies) that could help me, It would be great!

Thanks a lot for your consideration and your understanding

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