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muskrat_skull 09-01-2015 07:11 PM

Alpha Lipoic Acid Arsenic toxicity protection and more
I've been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, which I buy at Wally world for 7.98, for over a year now with great results. When I saw what happened with the river, I was horrified for everyone who lives around these water systems. We are already being poisoned through the air, the mercury in fish, and through pesticides in food and more. But now this.

I am totally amazed at all that ALA has done for me, I know it is a heavy metal chelator that binds to heavy metals and neutralizes them so they can be in the body safely. So I googled Alpha Lipoic Acid and arsenic and found a document from a govt site discussing it as a primary chelator of arsenic for those who may be exposed.

I also know that it is a free radical scavenger, a substance that goes into all tissues of the body and scavenges toxic material and safely removes it. This capability makes it the antioxidant of choice to combat many types of man-made and natural toxins.

It also is effective against many diseases, and is used in high end cancer centers because they believe that it targets cancers in three different ways, by directly killing it through apoptosis, and through indirect means as well.

My father recently passed from cancer and toward the end he had become feeble. He tried the Alpha Lipoic Acid and went from mumbling and not making a lot of sense, to managing his affairs and doing math. Afraid that the ALA would prolong what doctors said was inevitable, he stopped taking it and died.

There are three cases of people with cancer that are documented. Also, the only survivors of eating the death angel mushroom owe their lives to alpha lipoic acid, it repaired what would be irreparable severe liver damage in a matter of a few weeks. No other known substance could do that. the survivors were restored to their normal lives. In that case, the alpha lipoic acid was supplied by the government and the doctor who treated the young men was the government's expert on alpha lipoic acid.

Alpha lipoic acid is effective against radiation and was given to children at Chernobyl to prevent radiation sickness and damage.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a fundamental building block in our own bodies. It is in our cells. It is an antioxidant and fatty acid. It is a natural substance that is being looked at for preventing damage from stroke and head trauma to diabetic neuropathy and neurological diseases because it is also neuroprotective. It also helps the liver.

I was blessed with finding this amazing supplement, which has helped me so much. I don't know why I was so blessed, but I feel so strongly about its worth to help people that I'm compelled to share this. If you are interested in this, please read all you can about it first and talk to your doctor, even though it is just a vitamin supplement available in any health food store or drug store, there may be other vitamins you should take with it or reasons your doctor doesn't want you to take it. I have to take it for the rest of my life, if I stop, my disease comes back. I also have to take b vitamins and biotin with it. That is another consideration. Also, the quality varies alot. All my progress has been made on certain brands, other brands didn't work for me, even more expensive ones.

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