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n8tivechick 07-06-2000 11:42 AM

To all the Women!!!: Moon Time?
hello.. i ahve a question
I just recently gt my moon time and a friend told me that you are not suposed to touch you regalia during this time... i was wondering what woudl happen if you did and why you can't...
thanks for your timw

watches clouds 07-06-2000 01:00 PM

i see nothing wrong with it. i am lakota. and i will dance in mine. i guess it depends on the tribe. but it was told to me that it is when your spirit is the strongest. i see nothing wrong with it my self.

Tvskekee 07-06-2000 01:26 PM


Originally posted by Kaleina:
it is bad medicine to be anywhere near your regalia or anything else sacred for that matter while you are on your moon.

Bad Medicine while a woman is on her moon? I have to disagree with that. there is nothing bad happening there, it is a regeneration and cleansing of a womans power.
Why do you think women didnt do sweat in the old days? they didnt need to, they naturally became cleansed. We men had to because we did not have have that natural cleansing.
And it is not a matter of bad medicine when it comes to touching sacred items or regalia, its powerful medicine. That is when a woman is at her strongest and that energy can drain those items that were mentioned, it has nothing to do with bad medicine and is not something to be shunned or ashamed of.
We men cant handle it, its too much for us to take, thats why back then the woman would be separated from the rest of the people so she could gather her strength during that time. There was nothing unclean or impure about it, like you read in the history books. That was the White perspective of what they were seeing. Now this is just my perspective on it and how I was raised and taught, but in my opinion I think its wrong to think that a woman is unclean, impure,or dirty during this time. I would much rather be healed by a woman during this time then any other because I know her power is at its strongest. IMO

Lee Winterhunter 07-06-2000 02:07 PM

Bless you, riverwind!


Robert Laughing Owl 07-06-2000 02:49 PM

I know im going to regret saying this...but traditionally with most people women are supposed to rest during this time. Thye are not supposed to cook or clean...maybe that is where the idea of no dancing came from. I think it is a neo indian idea but i could be wrong, and if I am im sure someone will tell me. but as I was taught women's medicine is at its peak at this time and they are supposed to be resting....now i know my wife will use this agaist me http://www.powwows.com/ubb/frown.gif

Majii 07-06-2000 05:02 PM

I was told that if I really needed to dance, I had to put cedar in my mocs, More for protection. Even though we are going through a cleansing,we can also be receptive to anything coming in. I the beginning of my healing journey I was told not to touch my medicine or my regalia, later I found that I could use my sage for smudge on my moon time. If I had to touch my regalia, I just have to smudge it when my time is over. I'm a jingle dancer and I know that I cannot dance in my dress because it's a healing dress, but I can dance in something else if I had to.
Also, this is an important time to spend time with yourself, thats where the rule of no cooking or cleaning. Do stuff to nourish your soul and self esteem, almost like a mini vacation but you do it at home.

terence, AISC Director 07-06-2000 07:07 PM

Excellent topic and wonderful responses! Just goes to show we CAN share cultural ideas without arguing.
I posted a little (weeeell, actually a lot!) about this under the "How do you feel about dogs in the Circle?" topic, so I won't repeat myself. Part of my response upon that topic was about a question that was asked earlier about to how one "polices" those in the Circle i.e. one who may be Moon.
Mr. Riverwind, if your are not already a husband you are going to make a good one!
It is my personal choice to not enter the dance area when I am moon. For the reasons that Mr. Riverwind mentioned and my own teachings I am worried that I may "disturb" something that may happen or that I may "run or bump into" someones' "stuff" they are wearing. Dancers may have things on their body that could be "harmed" for lack of a better word. I am also aware of this outside the Circle as well.
It is not like I think that I have destroyed may shawl or something like that if I may have touched it during that time. As I posted under the other topic: I have been taught to care for my "materials" and that is all one needs. But I would not purposely do anything to upset the balance. I hope I am making sense here. It is sooo hard to explain.
I also feel, that this is the best time to sit back, rest, observe and contemplate what is happening. I was taught this and it has served me well.
Though my moon time can be physically harsh on me--it is happy time--I am reminded to honor my life giving as a woman and contemplate how to give back!

Kaleina 07-06-2000 11:47 PM

i never said anything about being "unclean, impure, or dirty," while mooning. and my opinions are definitely not something i read in a history book. i was taught that when you are mooning, you have bad medicine because sometimes it can be negative energy, and sometimes energy is just too strong and a person needs to take a step back. i was also taught that a woman should not cook, clean, or do any other types of labor while mooning. certain people may disagree with these beliefs, but they are my beliefs. and just because someone else disagrees does not mean that others are wrong. every tribe and every nation is not exactly the same. some things differ.

Kaleina 07-07-2000 12:29 AM

it is bad medicine to be anywhere near your regalia or anything else sacred for that matter while you are on your moon. therefore, you will be putting bad medicine into you regalia if you are near it while mooning.

Robert Laughing Owl 07-07-2000 09:58 AM

i agree with what you are saying but I think the term bad medicine is what threw people off...its not as much bad as it is juts overwhelmingly strong...as someone explained it to me, because i am not a woman, its like sponge...you soak up everything around you.

Robert Laughing Owl

Jacques 07-07-2000 03:42 PM

I think you women need to get off the pc for a while and go on the rez talk to some elders!

Autumn Rain 07-07-2000 04:10 PM

to Jaques... all I have to say is HA HA HA HA HAHAHHAHAHAH I agree!!!!!!!!

miigwan 07-07-2000 04:27 PM

there are some lenghthy posts regarding the significance of this cycle of women and the connection with so many of our other womens teachings and respectful mysteries in the jingle dress forum--the posts are a little contradictory to what is here but it may explain a little more about this time and it purpose, connection and significance...

webmaster, any possibility of combining the two??

poohskunk2 07-07-2000 07:24 PM

I was taught that while a woman is on her moon her spirit is most powerful, therefor she quieted herself as not to disturb any other medicine around her. She used this time for her selfmeditation. During this quiet time she also beaded, quilled or what ever needed to be done. This was an inner peace for her. I also was taught this was a natural way of cleansing.

Riverwind: I must agree with whoever said you would make a good husband if not already so. You have a keen insight to female energy.

Tvskekee 07-07-2000 09:56 PM

poohskunk2, lee, and terrance http://www.powwows.com/ubb/smile.gif Thanks http://www.powwows.com/ubb/smile.gif

tipis 07-07-2000 10:06 PM

Not only keen insight, but he is good looking. If I were a few years younger, he would have one of the best dance outfits in the circle....and more than one.

Wonder if he is taking bids for.... http://www.powwows.com/ubb/wink.gif


Libra 07-08-2000 12:24 AM

I had posted about my friend's Buffalo ceremony in the other moon topic, but I wanted to elaborate on it here. Part of the things you are supposed to do on that first moon, while waiting for the ceremony, is do all of the bead work or quill work that needs to be done. In the old days, you wore your clothes every day, with a special dress for ceremonies. Today, we have 'dance dresses'. So, I'm trying to figure out the whole 'don't touch your regalia' thing. In the old days, you beaded or quilled your clothes on that time, it was just that you wore it every day, so does it make it different if it is just for dancing?

feathr3166 07-08-2000 10:04 AM

my comment is not too much different from those already here. Only to add that with my people, women went off in a moon hut and while there, beaded, made shoes and other things her family needed or desired. She was there until he moon time was over. The elder women of her family would bring her food and water and if she ran out of things to do ( unlikely of course) they would bring her things to keep her busy. Once finished with the moon hut, she was taken to the river to bath 7 times. Whatever she made was smudged 7 times before being used... simply because she was too strong during that time and what she had made had to be cleansed of the same strength. It was a small vacation on a monthly basis. Her children were tended to and fed, her husband did not go without food or care. Actually, it's one of those things I really wish we could still do. A 7 day vacation from everything. Hence native women didn't have temper tantrams like some women I know and we didn't have pms cause we were given to time to reflect on what our life was and how the Creator had blessed us. All women really could use the moon hut.And Thank You not only for the board but also for the different ways we have all been taught and the ability to share them!

terence, AISC Director 07-09-2000 10:43 AM

As far as the comment about going to the rez and / or consulting with ones' elders: I would agree. However, I think it should be considered that maybe not everyone has the opportunity for various reasons and the question at hand should not be taken in a fecicious manner.
As you can see that the ladies who've responded (and gentlemen) have done so in a respectful manner, as we respect our bodies, and its ways. Thus, we respect each other as women!
We may not all agree on the answer, but we are sharing, just the same and this is good thing.
I recall one young lady on this board saying that her mother and grandmother had passed before she was able to learn about some things, so she relied upon her sisters for help.
In my experience Indian women have always been like that. When someone asks to share I certainly am not going to smartly reply that they need to go back to the rez! Though I would ask if they had a grandma or someone they could speak with. Sometimes people just need their feelings validated and a little support. Sharing what one knows is alright as long as you are not presenting that, "this is the only way and you must think like me!."
I took it, that since this child asked in this forum (on her PC!), she may not have anyone else to ask.... or she has heard things she doesn't understand, or perhaps she has an elder whom she has spoken with and just wants to "share notes".
Maybe I am taking this in the wrong way and, if so, I apologize, but I could not HAHAH about a little sister asking about something so sensitive. I think it took courage for her to ask. If you make fun--she may not ask about anything else......

[This message has been edited by terence, AISC Director (edited July 09, 2000).]

Jacques 07-09-2000 03:19 PM

First of all,i was talking in the Lakota context.The lakota ways being the only ones i came in contact with and had to learn[the hard way]
When i read that some women dance while on their moon ,brag about it and consider themselves traditional,it makes me wonder how long the lakota ways are going to survive!
I have been taught that women on their moon cannot touch food,anything belonging to a male ,take part to any feast or ceremony,touch or come in contact with eagle feathers or ceremonial items.
And if you think that i was harsh,then you should see the way some Lakota women react when learning about other women who ignore those rules.
Now,i want to add that there is no such thing as an orphan among the lakota,the way their society is built prevent it.Once Lakota you are always related to someone,and therefore have relative you can count on.
One of the worst insult among the Lakota is:
"you are a bad relative"
meaning that one does not behave like one.
So if one is Lakota ,one should not be afraid to go ask his or her elders about the lakota ways.Mitakuye oyasin is more than just a pretty phrase

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