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Paul G 10-09-2001 01:42 PM

Pow Wow Idea
I was at Busch Gardens a few days ago and wondered if anyone has every had a Pow Wow at an amusement park? The parks host all types of events and help with sponsorship.

Just wondering if anyone had done this?

walmart ndn 10-17-2001 04:03 PM

The Seminole Tribe of Florida had their Discover Native America celebration at Opryland in Nashville TN back in '95.

Kiwehnzii 10-17-2001 05:07 PM

Naaah!! I seen this at Toronto. Kids are hard to keep track of. The people treat you like you are a sideshow. :( Too much hassle getting dressed. Cost too much too eat. Kids wanna keep getting on rides. :Cry You can't hear the M.C. over the rest of the carnival/fair noise.:Yell More people grabbing at your stuff. Worried about somebody stealing your stuff.:Devil
Etc., etc., etc.

nativelohaus 10-17-2001 07:00 PM

Or you get this line from some little white kid. . ."Look Mom, It's A Real Indian!"

Smokin' Ace 10-18-2001 09:46 AM

Pow-wow at Kings Dominion
A few years ago, the group in VA held a pow-wow in Kings Dominion - as I recall - it was about the same as DWA said - real hard to keep people focused on what was real - seeing the whole carnival atmosphere. But, hey, diff strokes for diff folks. I know that new ideas are always appreciated - one person may have a whole new innovative way of looking at something that another may not have considered.

I think there was another recently in Hershey, PA - also one in July of this past year, up north. I remember the m/c was Keith Colston, but I don't remember the exact location.

Okwataga 10-18-2001 03:54 PM

depends on where
There is one coming up in nov at the Stone Mountain Park in Ga. Appearently it went over well last year, and hopefully this year will be better. I haven't heard any complaints, about this parl.

Mato Winyan 10-18-2001 07:29 PM

I agree with everyone else about the freak show atmosphere, we used to go to one up here. It was bad.
I do have another idea though. What about a Powwows.com powwow. Vote on a location. How often etc. Anybody interested?

What do you think? Worth taking a poll?:)

Lapis Queen 10-18-2001 08:11 PM

Now I like that idea! I would really make every effort to come!
We could have a powwows.com :Party I would love to meet you guys and put faces with names. I have no problem with trying to be anonymous. I have nothing to hide! Let's do it! But where? What do you think?:Thinking Let me know. :Wave

Mato Winyan 10-19-2001 12:09 AM

powwows.com powwow
Hey Mr Webmaster.......Can we?...Can we?...Huh?..Huh?...I'll help!!!!!! :D :Chatter :D

nativelohaus 10-19-2001 04:48 AM

Just think webmaster, the 49 can be at your place too!!!

Paul G 10-19-2001 08:44 AM

Hmm, it is an interesting idea!

Okwataga 10-19-2001 08:58 AM

:D hey webmaster this does sound like a good idea, can it be done, and what kind of help would like from us?

wyat 10-19-2001 09:34 AM

I've been to a powwow at Matoon, IL were the the dance was held at a city park. A park with a petting zoo, miniture golf, batting cages, and go carts if I remember right. I know it's not an apples to apples comparison. Anybody else ever been there?

Mato Winyan 10-19-2001 12:53 PM

And think of the publicity for powwows.com,.......this could be HUGE!!!! :Eyepopper :JawDrop :Thumbs :Wave

Sure it may take a long time to get all the details worked out, but it could be done!! :D

Pretty please with a cherry on top??? :confused:

Dezimber 10-19-2001 02:06 PM

I think the putting together a powwows.com pow wow would a great idea! :Flash :Rainbow

Mato Winyan 10-19-2001 03:26 PM

I think I see a commitee coming together!!!! :Crazy :Thumbs :Party :Cooler :Heart

I am a persistent little thing, ain't I ????:D

Okwataga 10-19-2001 03:31 PM

:Crazy just think everyon who dances could wear their .com name on their dance number

Mato Winyan 10-19-2001 03:54 PM

CHING!!! WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! :Thumbs :Wave

Come on people..we need your voices...we see you read the topic but we need you to respond!! Please!! (Hey, I'll beg if I have to!)

Okwataga 10-19-2001 04:11 PM

:Thinking could do one east and one west?
Use those from here(.com) for head staff......
I guess being a first could even be Traditional( come to dance):Eyepopper
:Thumbs how hard could it be if we all already dance and know what needs to be done

Paul G 10-19-2001 04:18 PM

$$$$ and a place to have it.

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