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Paul G 11-04-2001 08:31 PM

Re: Interesting

Originally posted by InjunJoe
Someone told me that PW.com already has a powwow. They said it's call the AICA Powwow in Statesville, NC. From what they said, I don't think I want to go to that one either.

I do help with this Pow Wow and enjoying going each year, but it is not a PowWows.com event.

Benther_Dunthat 11-05-2001 12:23 AM

Did I hear my name invoked????

By all means POWWOW!

and forget the stupid competitions.

Paul G 11-05-2001 09:41 AM

I do agree that a PowWows.com Pow Wow is a great marketing event for the site.

But since the site doesn't have much and doesn't make much money, it is hard to have a large contest Pow Wow.

Paul G 11-05-2001 11:18 AM

I would think that the purpose would just be to bring everyone from the site together. As for it being a great marketing tool, that would just be an additional benefit of it.

I think it would be very easy to get the head staff from the Virtual Gathering. The problem is finding a site for free with free insurance in a good location. For me, of course, having it in SC is the best location. But I don't think that everyone is going to be willing to drive several hours to SC.

Lapis Queen 11-05-2001 11:47 AM

Ooh! Ooh! I would! Yeah yeah I know I am only from North Carolina and that's not far, but I would if it was out west and I had time to plan. People who really want to do things find a way. So is the nature of life! That's my opinion though. And hey... if I can't go, all I ask is that they take many pictures and post so I can see everyone. With many people knowing people close by, there is a thing called carpool and charter a bus. People living near each other will find a way, if it's something that they really want. I'll get off the:36: and stop. Take care and keep coming with the ideas.

Tvskekee 11-05-2001 11:58 AM

Ok then,

Ill VOLUNTEER to be Arena Director..no pay...feed me and give me a place to crash out..even if its throwing a tent up and Im there. Got a freind of mine whos willing to volunteer too for anythign that has to be done...

anyone else?

InjunJoe 11-05-2001 04:35 PM

Right Idea
I think young Riverwind has the right idea and spirit. One down, how many more to go?

just hangin' 11-05-2001 07:47 PM

Good idea people...have a powwow!

Only thing is, I live far, far away from SC so I can't attend....or can I?

I'll just go on the webcam, and if someone will be so kind as to put a monitor on a lawnchair... Then maybe someone could tape some gloves to the monitor so's people could 'shake my hand'...
It'll be just like I'm there...

ahhh just kidding... but I guess u could pu the powwow on web cam if u was so inclined...

Benther_Dunthat 11-06-2001 02:38 AM

Is it a given that this would be in S.C.? Or would you prefer somewhere else.

I'll be the class clown!!!!!!


Okwataga 11-06-2001 07:35 AM

One thing, you could move the powwow across the country every year pick a new spot, I know lots of people that travel days to go to gathering, crow fair, schtmezin.....
And every year it oculd grow bigger, or just keep it in one spot, and still people will travel.
I guess it's up to webmaster
But this is a good idea
many people on here have good ideas and I would like to meet everyone, so I could put a face with the message

Paul G 11-06-2001 09:35 AM

No, it doesn't have to be in SC.

I was trying to make the point that it is going to be hard to find a place to hold it. The location needs to be a place where I and the other staff (whoever they may be) can work to get things organized. It will also need to be in a place that is convient for lots of people to get to. And of course be free!

MTsugirl 11-06-2001 12:19 PM

It would be very interesting to say the least.
That would be very interesting to see a Pow-wows.com Pow-wow. :Argue I mean...who would be running the whole show? Would everybody be taking a poll as to who would be the emcee, host drum. etc. etc.

Benther_Dunthat 11-06-2001 05:18 PM

You know the demographics of the group. Broadly speaking here would be the best place/state in the North America geographically?

Smokin' Ace 11-07-2001 12:50 AM

Hey - I gotta idea!!!!:18: :uptosomet

Why not find a place big enuff to house a big event like this and see if they will donate their spot for the pow-wow. Let that be the determining factor as to where the pow-wow will be.

Has this been mentioned before?? Like I dunno, twice???? :p But maybe it's a start - and you already have that arena director dude, Riverwind. Who is offering his services free, right???

Let's do this.

Comp, community, whatever - let's just do this. I will volunteer to do something - no frybread - but I will do something. No M/C, but I can write his material, eh??? hehe :)

David Schneider 11-08-2001 02:51 PM

How about a TBS special of highlights from Gathering of Nations or Shimitzen? Or do they do that already?

What advertizing sponsors would you like to see?

InjunJoe 11-08-2001 05:07 PM


The geographical center of the United States is at LEBANON, KANSAS, which is in north central Kansas on Hwy. 181 and 13 miles south of the Kansas-Nebraska state line. Hwy. 181 becomes Hwy. 281 in Nebraska going through the first little town of Red Cloud.

Approximately 50 miles to the east is the site of the Pawnee Indian Village Museum located between Republic and Lovewell, KS. Been there, done that.

Singerdad must work for the Greater Black Hills Chamber of Commerce. Sheesh.

Benther_Dunthat 11-09-2001 10:31 AM

Location, location, location
The geographic center isn't hardly relavent. More important is where is central for a majority of the population of powwows.com. and close enough to facilitate the planning/organizational committee.

Okwataga 11-09-2001 11:34 AM

Yo webmaster anytime you want to step in please do
Seems people are getting alittle excited here:wall:
It's a good idea for this pow wow but now it's going the way of most Indian Centers(meaning to amny arguements not any action)
WHo's this who's that and where we going to have it.
i think you need to make a choice, and get on with it, looks like everybody wants this to happen
so let it happen
Everybody else, calm down:lol:
take a breather

Mato Winyan 11-09-2001 02:50 PM

Ya' know, when I first came up with the idea of having a powwows.com powow I had a certain vision in mind. People gathering together to share the common bond we all here on the board seem to have with our passion of the dance circle.
Then as posts went on I didn't see how that would be feasible anytime soon. Then I suggested a big get together at the National Powwow since that would be the one most people would try to make.
Now were back to talking about the powwow again. I feel this is putting the travois before the pony. Let's keep our enthusiasm and keep brain storming. Also, how about giving the get together a try at first. Maybe discuss it there and THEN proceed with the plans to hold a powwow later.
If people want to scout places they would like it to be held and see if they could get it donated then that could be info we would have when the time IS right.
My opinion of the perfect location is the one the majority could make it to.
SOooooooooooooooooooo, what do you say. How 'bout seeing what we can do to make the gathering happen first and let it be our proving ground on how we CAN come together for a common interest in a GOOD way!!??!!:Thinking :Thumbs :Thinking

Kiwehnzii 11-09-2001 03:30 PM

The ideas good.

70 posts so far. 71 with mine. I don't see it happening.

What's wrong with the 500 or so powwows in the U.S. and Canada already?

Aren't they fun enuff for you all?

InjunJoe 11-09-2001 05:44 PM

Singingdaddy, I still think you work for the Greater Black Hills Chamber of Commerce. Sheesh. For practical purposes, Hawaii and Alaska don't count. (Sorry about that Blackbear.)

Benther_Dunthat, considering it seems the majority of the PW.com folks are East Coasters (from the powwows they say they are attending, etc.), if you measure the distance from Toronto, Canada (and Syracruse, NY, which takes in those Yankees living in Gotham, er, New York City) and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (which takes in all them hobbyist Indians) and find the middle ground, YOU COME UP WITH FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!! (LMAO!!!!) If you don't know why this is funny, I'm not going to tell you.

On second thought, I'm going to agree 215% with Kiwehnzii, 500 or so powwows in the U.S. and Canada seems like a gracious plenty.

Granny MocStomper 11-09-2001 06:03 PM

Hey I Joe:

Get a life.....it's a mute point now, drop it. OK?:6:

RandyE 11-09-2001 09:40 PM

Boy, this topic sounds more like a Church committee than a Pow Wow committee.

:confused: :Angel2 :devil :Thumbs :Angry :Argue :wall: :36: :rolleyes: :Angel: :36: :Angel2

lepnlzrd 11-11-2001 02:36 PM

Ok Guys....the more I read this thread the more excited I got!! Now...after reading 6 pages of the replies let me open my idea. I belong to a group in Middle TN and after our festival we were sitting and talking about how wonderful it must have been in the older days when the tribes has their seasonal gatherings to rekindle relationships, catch up on old friends, make new ones, find new loves etc..well...we have put some thought into having a celebration this spring and invite others to just commune. Now this would not involve the public coming to pay admission etc or for vendors and so on. It would be just to gather and dance, eat, and have a wonderful time. Of course alcohol and drugs would not be allowed as at pow wows. Our group is in the mountains and the area is a wonderful spot not too far from Chattanooga. It is an area that thankfully has not seen as much advancement or "growing up" as many areas have seen that resulted in spoiling the area, killing the trees and wildlife.
So.....what do you think? Would this be something that any of you would like to attend?
Let me know!

Shero 11-12-2001 01:36 AM

:dancer: HI:dancer:

I am willing to do anything to help out, so you can count me in. Oh by the way, there is a chat session Tuesday night 11/13/2001 at 9pm eastern time. Hope to see you there:41: :41: :41: :41: :41: :1Party: See ya later:Wave

lepnlzrd 11-13-2001 11:19 AM

Thanks for the response! Well..lets see who else thinks this may be a working idea...I meet with our org. this weekend and we will discuss it further to see what we can get together. I know we can get the area for it. We would just need others who truly want to attend and go from there. Again....this would just be a celebration for everyone to get together and become acquainted. not something the public would be invited to "view". We would spend a few days dancing, eating, making new friends and just enjoying one anothers company...sort of like a huge NA party maybe? LOL

KI49er 11-14-2001 01:11 AM

Hey !!! InjunJoe,:Wave

No head staff, no contest, sounds like an old time powwow to me, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME:Thumbs Just my luck it will be so far away I won't be able to go:Cry

See YA !!! :3:

InjunJoe 11-14-2001 10:13 AM

Old Time
Howdy, KI49er:Wave!!! That's exactly what I was trying to get across, an old time community type powwow back home! But, seems like folks over here are intent on money, money, money.

"Show me the money!" :28: "Show me the money!":bouncy: "Show me the money!":39:

buckskinlady 11-14-2001 11:36 AM

My husband just came back from dancing for a month at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO with the American Indian Music and Dance Show and he said it sucked!!!
Only 3 NDNs showed up to watch the whole month and people wanted to TOUCH his feathers and touch HIM (at least that's what he says, aaaaaayyyyyyy!)
But there was no place to dress, food was high etc. I know it wasn't a Pow-Wow, but I don't think an amusement park is a good place to have one!
Hey! Why don't we have a powwows.com informational booth at one of the biggies like Denver March or at Gathering and everyone can stop by and meet each other and then maybe we can post some info for a private meeting (49) at some location in that city...like Webmaster's hotel room (aaayyyy!) No seriously!!!
It would also be a good place for people to pick up powwows.com t-shirts and other stuff to offset the cost!
What do you think??

lepnlzrd 11-14-2001 02:31 PM

Yes KI49er that is what we would like to have. Just a good ole pow wow get together. It would be wonderful if you could attend. How bout car pooling? :) Bet we if we try hard enough we could get you packed in a box and mail ya here!
If my group wants to do this and we can make all the arrangements we will be inviting several other groups and tribes as well as thouse we have become acquainted at other festivals and pow wows. I will try and keep everyone posted but I still need feedback to present to our group.
I am having so much fun here at powow.com and everyone has been so nice and sweet. So everyone...send me your ideas and if you would like to attend!

KI49er 11-15-2001 09:22 AM

Hey !!!:Wave

Appreciate the box offer lepnlzrd, but maybe my NDN van has a few more miles left in it. :lol:

See YA !!! :3:

lepnlzrd 11-18-2001 06:56 PM

OK Guys............I met with our group this weekend and as I mentioned before we had discussed having a gathering in the spring to just invite those who want to socialize and have some enjoyment. Well....we have set a date in May. Now....let me remind you.....there will be no contest, no charge of any type. This is purely for others to become acquainted. This is not something the general public is allowed to attend. It will be intertribal and of course drummers, dancers and singers are all invited. It would be nice to have a general idea of how many will be attending. The location will be in the mountains of middle TN. I know that this will be a stretch for some of you and I hate we could not have a more centralize location. There will be room for tents. Now for those truly interested contact me or post here and I can give you more information. Of course there are still a few details we have to work out. Please be patient and understand this is a first for us in this particular type of thing. Any help and advice will be much appreciated. We do think it will be a great deal of fun and we can always use more of that in our lives. ;)

InjunJoe 11-18-2001 07:31 PM

Leapingliz, what date in May?

hawkin 11-21-2001 12:06 AM

Doubt I can make an eastern gathering.. and love the idea of a cam set so folks like myself can tune in and watch, hehe. Hope theres a booth at the Denver March gathering. Possibly with a board of member pics and names? Looking forward to that. Hmm.. maybe I can make a business trip in May....

lepnlzrd 01-14-2002 12:55 AM

May gathering
You are cordially invited to the Chikamaka-Cherokee May Gathering on May 18th, 2002 in Tracy City, TN. This is an intertribal social gathering. Our ancestors gathered together for centuries for many different reasons. We feel this is a tradition that has it's importance in forming relationships with other nations and groups. Most of us have the same goals and hopes so it just makes sense to support one another. Remember..there is strength in numbers. It will just be nice to become acquainted with others to eat, dance and just have a wonderful time!! We have secured the entire fairgrounds including the horsebarn and arena. There is plenty of space for camping. It is a covered dish begining at 5PM to ???? For those interested in attending I can send you a flyer either by email or snail mail. It would be wonderful to have a couple drum groups and singers. This is NOT a public spectator event and no competitions. Just good old fashioned fun!
Hope to see you there!
:band: :supperhap

Mato Winyan 01-14-2002 01:12 AM

So would this be just a one day event?

lepnlzrd 01-14-2002 09:17 AM

Thank you for your response. To be honest I could not say for sure. It will begin at 5PM on the 18th and will continue thru the night until everyone is pooped! Most likely some of us will still be "visiting" until Sunday afternoon. The fairgrounds is ours for the whole weekend. There is a powwow taking place in AL on the same weekend so we decided to not have it for a 3 day period as we do with the powwow in August. (which this year will be 6 days)
I hope this answered your question. We would love to have you attend and join in with us. Would you like for me to send you a flyer?
Thanks again!

Mato Winyan 01-14-2002 10:44 AM

Thanks, but I doubt if I would make it from Indy for a one day event. That would be alot of driving in a short period of time. I'll keep it in mind though.

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