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CHEROSAGE 09-23-2002 02:21 AM

What are these dances?
I would like someone to explain to this ignorant straight the differences between Duck/Dive, Chicken dance, Crow hop. I know what a Ponie stealing song is and a Trot. The other thread got rapped up in the old rez vs non-rez war.

Nice Indian 09-23-2002 12:34 PM

The duck and dive is a dance that is used by both the Nez Perce and Crow people. Chief Lookingglass and other Nez Perce used to hunt buffalo with the Crow before the Non Treaty Nez Perce made their historic bid for freedom in Canada. This could explain why they both have the same dance, since they did hang out a bit. But then again, maybe it could have been shared a different way.

Anyway, from a Nez Perce perspective, the duck and dive is a warriors dance acting out battle. On the Nez Perce version, there are the normal drop beats at the beginning of the second half of the verse, then shortly after the regular drop beats, there are two distinct drop beats. The two distinct drop beats represent cannon fire. On the two distinct beats that represent ordnance, the dancers are to duck like they are dodging cannon fire or bullets.

If you were to pow-wow in eastern Washington, some of Oregon, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana you would more than likely see the Nez Perce duck and dive, because it is very popular.

The way Chicken Dance has been explained to me is that it is honoring the Prairie Chicken. The dancers honor the Prairie Chicken because for some it was a means of subsistance back in the day. The dancers use movements that mimic the Prairie Chicken, a little bit of flamboyance or even a look of cockiness. The regalias are different from northern men's traditional. More colorful plumage. Some wear round bustles, others wear a bustle that looks almost like a tail of a chicken.

As for the tribe that started the Chicken Dance, I do not know.

Maybe someone else can explain the Crow Hop and add something to the other two dances.

CHEROSAGE 09-24-2002 01:25 AM

Thanks for that info. I don't Powwow in the north but would like to in a few years when I retire. All of my dancing is south mostly in OK. Anymore Info is much appreciated.

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