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ntownn8ive 07-24-2006 03:22 PM

July'amsh Winners off tha Dome
1. Midnite Xpress
2. Bear Creek
3. The Boyz
4. Pipestone
5. Blackfoot Confederacy
6. Redtail
7. Dancing Eagle
8. Wild Spirit

Mens G.A.:
1. Richard Rock

Mens Tradish
1. Ardell Scalplock
2. Hawk Thunderhawk
3. Merle Eaglespeaker
4. Nathan Largo
5. Russel McLeod

Mens Grass
1. Randy Paskemin

Mens Fancy
1. Spike Draper

Womens G.A.:
1. ?

Womens Tradish
1. Jody Gillette...probably

Womens Jingle
1. Acosia Leighton

Womens Fancy
1. Urseloria Kanuaho

Tornado_Boy 07-25-2006 09:25 PM

Mens Grass
1st Randy Paskamin
2nd AJ Redman
3rd Wesley Windyboy
4th Julius Not Afraid
5th Buck SpottedTail

Womens Fancy
1st Urselora Kanuho
2nd Rose Greene
3rd Amber Cleveland
4th Rose Track
5th Cristalena Pacheco

Mens GA
1st Richard Rock
2nd Tommy Draper
3rd Norman Largo
4th Garry Greene
5th Boye Lade

Women Jingle
1st Acosia Leighton
2nd Willow Jack
3rd Thea McCloud
4th???? Can't Remember
5th Henrietta Scalplock

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