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RedShield 02-05-2007 09:18 AM

Lancaster, OH - February 3,4
We travelled up the road to the Lancaster "Blanket Trade" Pow Wow in Lancaster, OH this past weekend.

One Word... COLD!!!! Wind Chills below zero, but inside, it wasn't too bad.

The Host Drum was Red Bird from up around Akron, and Co-Host was All-Nations (also from Ohio.) We also got to know a relatively new Southern Drum in the area named Sky-Hawk (not bad!) and our buddies Thunder Nation were there, and Maza Napin showed up on Sunday. We (Red Shield) were there too... LOL. The tunes were good, and Arvel Bird played during breaks, never heard him before... man that dude can play a fiddle!

Were there some things that happened I raised my eyebrows at? yeah, but that happens everywhere I go, people do things different from place to place... it's all good... we go out and do what we do and have a good time!

Lots of dancers, and vendors... but if you were looking for the best reason to go... here it is... meals at dinner breaks were catered by DAMON'S... LOL. Plus if you got hungry between meals, a half rack of ribs, chips and cole slaw were $7.00!!! If Damon's is there next year... we'll be back!!! (Hey we're singers, when it comes to non-contest pow wows... food is a big determining factor! LOL)

We had a good time, and sang hard... on a scale of 5 thumbs... I rate it a :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up 1/2!!!

Just my opinions...


Hazben 02-05-2007 11:12 AM

Glad it was good. Really enjoyed it last year.
Hated to miss it, but brand new granddaughter arrived Wednesday.

RedShield 02-05-2007 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Hazben (Post 869191)
Glad it was good. Really enjoyed it last year.
Hated to miss it, but brand new granddaughter arrived Wednesday.

Congrats Hazben!

Hazben 05-14-2007 04:27 PM

Thanks. Granddaughter is 3 1/2 months old now and has Papaw wrapped around her tiny little finger!

Congrats to you as well for your Powwow Committee appointment! Good move by whoever did it!

Hope to see and hear Red Shield again this summer.

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