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Killer Osceola Birdman Waters/Cougartracks

Dear moderators,
would you please be so kind and put this into the poems section?
Again it is not possible for us to get it through...
Thank you.

Title: Killer Whale
(Orcinus Orca )
brother to the dolphin,
Cousin of the wolf,
Pack hunters,
Organized, team workers,
Social and complex,
Singers of the deep,
Live in family groups,
Humans in disguise,
Humans in the form of a mammal,
When Orca breaks the surface of the sea,
He explodes a gush of sea spray,
That glows in a prism of color,
Thatís fractured from the sun,
Enormous energy flyís from the sea,
Ever so gracefully,
Ever so effortlessly,
Hugh dorsal fin slices the ocean,
Black body with a grayish white saddle,
Makes him distinctive,
He is instinctive,
Heís not extinct,
A proven friend to man kind,
At times unjustly feared and destroyed,
Cruel captivity employed,
They happily perform,
Orchestra plays,
Orca displays,
Remarkable rhythm,
Completely in time,
Enormous weight, bursts through a glass like surface,
Gracefully moves through the air, then plummets,
Like a stone, shattering the glass, in a web of foam,
When night fall descends,
A melodious cry,
With a melancholy sound,
Travels the distance,
Mile after mile,
And reaches its destination,
A cross land and sea,
The mother herd responds,
In a dialect unique to them,
Captivity in the end finally breaks their hearts,
They belong in the sea,
They should be free,
Man kind imprisons,
Makes decisions,
Kills at will,
His understanding is nil,
His tolerance, thereís none,
One day man will meet his match.

My vision Osceola Birdman Waters.

Copy rights pending
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