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Warrior Healing-Ghost Sickness Ceremony


****************Tribal peoples observe
ceremony for many different reasons. There are the Sacred Ceremonies
which Creator gave the People to Honor Him, maintain balance in the
world, and insure an abundance of crops and game.

**************Some Ceremonies mark important
occasions in a person's life. These include those done to welcome young
women into adulthood after they've observed their first moon. Similar
ceremony's are done for young men to mark their entrance into manhood.
There are vision quests which guide us through life, as well as
weddings, baby blessings, and funeral ceremonies. Protection ceremonies
are done to prevent an enemy from harming an individual or village.

************Each ceremony marks the center point
of life, honoring the exact place each of us needs to be at that time.
One of the most important types of ceremony is the Healing Ceremony.
They are done for individuals who are suffering physical or emotional
illnesses and often involve healing the whole family or tribe as well,
since all things are connected. They may involve herbs, fasting, ritual
acts and prayers which have been handed down faithfully from generation
to generation.

**************In the old days, when our
young men (or women) came back from war, it was understood that these
warriors needed cleansing from the trauma and "bad spirits" that they
had encountered doing what had to be done. Some tribes kept the warriors
isolated from the village for several days until the ceremony was
performed and they were healed, thus insuring the whole village wasn't

********Today we have so many warriors who suffer from
post traumatic stress disorders. Unable to find peace in their spirits,
they suffer in agony along with their families and communities. I heard
on the news the other night that they wanted to get these men mental
help quicker than before to deal with many of the problems a soldier has
to face when returning home from war. Wouldn't it be better if they
could prevent the problem in the first place?

******************There is a Healing
Ceremony among many tribes which takes care of this. Some tribes call it
the Ghost Sickness Ceremony. The Ceremony itself varies according to the
tribe, but usually after fasting and other preparation, the "Medicine
Man" and others enter the sweat lodge with the warrior and healing songs
and prayers are offered. Once cleansed of the "ghost sickness" the
warrior takes up life as he once knew it.

**************We are in a time of
rebalancing this World. The Ceremonies given us by Creator are a major
part of this balancing. Each of us has to decide who we are and what
path we're on. We can no longer walk with one foot on two trails.....
This is why the Earth is sick. This is why we are sick. Decide who you
are. Time is short.

(read the above article in a News Paper the other day thought I would pass it
along to everyone. Pirate)
Sometimes In The Shadowed Night I Become Spirit
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