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Ktunaxa qanxa 08-09-2005 04:53 PM

For my brother
Well bro, It's been just over three months since we last spoke. Just letting you know that I am not mad at you for leaving, I just wish I had a better cell phone signal that morning. I didn't hang up on you. You remember my continuous complaints about NY cellphones & their horrible signal. Trying to raise the kids "right" as you wanted me to. I really wish you were here to torment them ,like a good uncle should. Sophie was born the day after my birthday, nice trick... I tried to call you, forgetting that you wouldn't answer, but you knew that anyway didn't you? Mom is still in shock and just about everyone else is in counseling and medicated to some extent. I'm still trying to keep myself busy with Navy things and all. Mom and Rhonda are coming out here in a couple of weeks, so the kids will have new targets to assault,lol! Our little cousin, is with you now. Take care of her and show her the ropes. She might not be a Seahawk or Gonazaga fan, but I know the two of you will hit it off since you were just a big kid yourself. I just let Mom know the news and she has been in contact with her cousins in Butte. I'll be sure to let Darrell and Roseanne know that Maliyah is in good hands and will always be entertained. Feel free to stop by anytime and you & Duane stay out of trouble!

Always your loving Brother,Daniel

In Memory of
Jeremy Douglas Stiffarm
May 7, 1975-April 27,2005

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