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Wink You Might Be Kiowa If...

You Might Be Kiowa If...

You can eat kidneys and frybread for breakfast.

You point with you lips.

You believe that getting the "already sliced" kind of commodity cheese was the best thing that ever happened.

You direct deposit your paycheck to the local Wal-mart.

Your vehicle always seems to have a coating of fine red dust all over it.

You drink coffee before you go to sleep.

Your car has more than two dents and a hole in the trunk where the keyhole used to be.

You use the expressions like "is it", "ayeee", and "oh-guh".

You describe someone as acting "some kinna way."

You give all your directions by reference to the "Pache Y."

You think that meat is best cooked when it is boiled.

You have a "boat", but it doesn't belong in the water.

You find long lost family members at the Red Carpet Inn buffet line in Anadarko.

You go to the Carnegie movies just for the hot dogs.

You put "ah-tat-hi" on everything you eat.

You know that when someone is "stink" it doesn't refer to how they smell.

When out of state, people ask you to start the 49 songs.

You don't look back when driving through "The Gap."

You think John Cope is the best "taw-koy" ever born because of his pre-made dried corn.

You hoard number 13 Czech cut beads, especially the "periwinkle blue" ones.

Your dogs like left over stew, cold frybread, bote, and corn soup better than dog food.

You have a relative nick-named after something to eat (e.g. cornbread, chili, biscuit,...)
:Chatter :agree?:

Your child thinks that "maw-bane" is his Indian name.

Its not Christmas until you get your "candy sack" from the local Indian church.

You save your best shirt for the "main day".

You have an auntie that can turn a pile of rations into a 12 course dinner.

You're proud of your "commod bod."

You prefer to travel down the "Indian road" rather than Highway 9.

You know someone who has got stray mescal beans, cut beads, buckskin pieces, and shawl fringes under the mats in their car or under sofa cushions.

You don't know the real name of at least one relative, having always referred to them by their childhood nickname.

You hold out your hand and twist it back and forth to get someone's attention.

You know where "Spur, Squaretop, Greg's Corner, and Dirty Shame" are located.

You have 450 persons you call "my cousin."

Your "off-tribe" friends think that "pah-bee" is someone's first name.

You know what the "pizza" song is.

You used the word "Bay-gah" at least once today.
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