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ZooGardens 05-28-2018 12:56 AM

Differences between myself and the Moderately stereotypical "European Culture"
I was asked what sets me apart from Europe, by a European.
I told him exactly, what the main, biggest differences are.

The USA, while not the first attempt at a republic, or a democracy, the USA is the first one to be successful.

The USA is the world's first country, to gain it's independence from a Colonial power through war, while like other colonies, doing so at a military disadvantage.

The USA's culture of prosperous, safe suburbs as compared to big cities that are not where the wealthy people are, nor safety...
Is not unique to the USA, we do share it with Australia and Canada, and New Zealand...

But is OPPOSITE of the conditions in Europe, where the big cities are where the educated, wealthy, low crime people are.

The concept of having a minimum wage is NOT a European idea, it is originally an American Idea...
Adopted (better) by Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, but only to a very LIMITED extent, by Europeans.

Europeans seek to be wealthy, whereas Americans take pride in the accomplishment of quality at work, for good pay.

The access that Europeans have to wildlife, is to own living singular specimens...
Americans have much greater access to enjoy interacting with happier wildlife in the wild.
Helping to make Americans a more outdoorsy, rugged people.

Most of Europe is Urban, where 4 door sedans can be small, and designed for driving on narrow streets..
Most of America is rural, and our cities are newer...
Thus, allowing us to have the power and rugged 4 wheel drive vehicles.
America's climate and terrain is also much more diverse.

Nearly every single one of Europe's wild species can be, or has been domesticated...
America's landscape is much more dangerous, in terms of its wildlife.

Europe transitioned nearly entirely to Industry in the 1860s and 1870s...
Because While Europe had mostly agriculture before industry..
The Americas were much better suited for Agriculture than Europe, so America is the world's largest agriculture economy.
While also the largest industrial economy.

And thus, we're certainly the largest supplier of agriculturally oriented machinery.

Europe sent its poor people here to America, the people that Europe didn't care about, back in the day...

It didn't send its finest and most cultured and connected.

And so as they became the American rich and cultured and connected..
they made their culture differently... because they didn't have the connections to Europe, that the Gentry class had.

That's why we have things like American Gridiron football, and Baseball and Basketball.
And Americanized European food.

Because we were not ever pampered by Europe.. we were sent here to be gotten rid of, in reality.
And its only justice, that we're also the world's most powerful country.

That's a kick in the butt for Europe :)

While Britain has the world's most influential rock bands in Rock History...
Rock is actually American music, through history.

wardancer 05-28-2018 11:29 AM

"Ask powwows,com" is a place to ask serious questions about powwow related issues. It is , as I explained earlier , a moderated area , which means a mod has to read and approve the post before anyone else can reply to it.

In my opinion ( which isn't really worth much) you would be better off and better served posting questions like this in the "Chit-Chat" section. That way it shows up immediately and anyone can comment. Thanks !

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