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OLChemist 10-14-2015 12:17 AM

OK, who doesn't know the recipe for s'mores? Hersey bar, graham crackers, marshmallow, stick, fire, and a few mosquitoes.... But, as I just discovered from the ad on this page, some folks need a kit. Amazon can sell you one, for just $29.99. Complete with step by step instructions on the website: "break graham cracker in half..."

I thought the thaw and feed, crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were bad. Come on people -- it's s'mores. As long as no one has to stop-drop-and-roll, it's open for innovation. I'm deeply worried about the future of the dominant culture. Can you imagine how needy a generation of grown up children, who can't rip the crust off their own sandwiches, is going to be? Spiritual guidance and someone to cut their meat.


subeeds 10-14-2015 01:53 AM

They will be incredibly needy. They give out trophies to kids for simply showing up for a team event, or school event, and they don't make those same kids take responsibility for their actions. Everything today is handed to them in a nano second, or they pitch a fit.

OLChemist 10-14-2015 10:36 AM

I realize this is way off-topic for the recipes section, however....

I was at a gallery night event this weekend, and the friends of a colleague came over with their son. The kid is in his first year in a prestigious east coast university. His parents asked me to give him some advice for succeeding in school. (Which in and of itself is a hoot. Because for these type-A Ivy League parents to even ask me, indicates that they actually know nothing about my path to a PhD.) When I told him learn to fail, I thought they were going to cover his ears.

But, the truth is kids from the up and coming generation, particularly from certain socio-economic groups, have no experience failing. They never learn to limp home, lick your wounds, then pick up and try again the next day. They have no recovery skills. Any failure is the end of the world.

Amadahy 10-14-2015 05:57 PM

Helicopter parents and depression
recent studies show that this generation completely crumble when they get to college. They suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. They cant function.

I had a long discussion with a friend about the difference between helicopter parents and envolved parents.

I am a scout master for my sons.

I do not help them build a shelter when we camp - I give them instructions and if they dont listen...well they sleep in something that falls on them - or better yet - it rains and they end up soaked (they where miserable because everything they had with them got wet - i was dry and comfortable)

You are so so so right. Failure can teach lessons an easy win never could. My kids do not get ribbons for participation. My youngest is a competitive gymnast who did not go to regionals this year...he wasnt good enough due to a mid compeition session injury.

Thats life kid - it happens.

I intent to have all three sons make eagle scout rank - but I will not do the work for them. If they fail, I will have provided them with the opportunity and the given them the tools they need to succeed - the rest is up to them. after all - it is their success - not mine.

Joe's Dad 10-14-2015 11:33 PM

No need to look at your dog's tail to see how he's feeling. Now there is an app!

Dog tail signs: DogStar Tail Talk app tells you your dog?s emotions

eagleclanriverband 10-17-2015 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by OLChemist (Post 1621764)
I realize this is way off-topic for the recipes section, however....

OLChemist, I think this is right on topic! It's a recipe for success & life. A lot of ingredients go into that.

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