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Looking for a co-writer

I am writing a book and it includes Native Americans. I am looking for a co-author and/or development editor who is a Native. It is a sci-fi alternative history. PM me if you are interested.

As a co-writer/author, you will get half of the profit if you do half the work. That is the way I do it (I had another possible co-author, but he wasn't doing his half of the work and so now I am here ) .

It will not be easy. There will be a lot of research and you will have to have a real passion for it. As they say - books are not written - they are re-written. I am expecting at least 3-4 drafts before we get to a professional editor. I plan on paying out of pocket for a professional editor unless one can be found later on. That is not cheap and I am not rich (a decent professional development editor is about 3-4 grand as I understand it) so I will need time to save up for that.

There is also no guarantee the book will go anywhere, so even after all the work the profit may be zero. I actually find that aspect somewhat thrilling.

Some things I need:

1 - Someone to make sure I don't say or do anything stupid. At least in the novel (in real life that may be semi-unavoidable) . I don't want skin-walkers being wizards.

2- Someone to help me avoid being offensive or exploitative of native culture or spirituality.

3 - Someone to make sure I am not detracting from the Natives sense of agency or attributing to them a "dead" culture.

4 - Someone to help me avoid othering the natives.

I am not looking for one-hundred percent PC, just bare-bones basics with regards to the above.

And most important 5 - Someone to help with general creative output or to help get new ideas. This is the lifeblood of the novel.

Basically I looking for someone to act as a full partner, not just someone on the sidelines or doing things as an afterthought.

One thing we could have fun with is making slang words for white people.

So far I have "Toe-skins". It is from someone noticing the whites have a potato-like skin and someone remarks they are "to'skins" which another person interprets as "Toe-Skins" and the name sticks. I intended the name to be kind of nasty, like the N word, or Slav/Slavey, etc. I want to know if that could be considered enough, or should I search for something stronger/more visceral?

BTW this wouldn't be about the money. So don't expect to get rich off this. I have other novels planned, and I do it more because the book starts taking over my life, and more or less forces me to continue even at financial loss. A true artist, which includes writers, is willing to work a normal full time job, and sink money into the craft, not just because it is fun or profitable, though it can be such, but because they are driven. Those are my motives anyways, your motives are more or less your own as long as you do a good job.

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