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Steffan Redhawk 07-22-2007 10:33 AM

In My Dreams...
I see them-

When I sleep at night -
Dancing on me, around me, in me, thru me, I see them
Coming towards me with a fury that has no end
To go near the end is to be turned around with a new beginning
Chased from one end to the other, torn from friend and foe
Running in every direction only to find that its a circle
Its our circle, so why do I run why am I chased, where do I go
Nowhere is where I have to go, everywhere is where I am chased
To fear the fear that is chasing me is to only fear myself and me
I have no reason to run, I am only chasing myself
I stop and turn I raise a fist and the fury builds I swing
I swing so hard that the fury is excreted through my knuckles
I swing so hard the fear has turned to knowledge
I swing so hard the cloud that was chasing me is now rain
The fear that was fury burns so hot it turns the rain to steam
The steam cleanses my thoughts and feelings as I hear a song
You know this song, we've sung it many times together
The fear is gone, the hate is gone, the fury is gone
Now just steam, and our song, its all black, we cannot see
I see them...
I see my family passed, the ones I love the ones I care about
I see the family I can no longer see, the friends that left me
I hear the voices, they say 'dance' they say 'sing' I hear them
I open my heart to them, I pray they cleanse my soul
As the sizzle and crackle comes from the cedar burning
They tell me 'sing' and they say 'dance' but its so hard to listen
A flash comes, the smell is pungent and they scream 'SING'
A flash comes, the smell is sweet, they scream 'DANCE'
I close my eyes, take a deep breath, I then sing as loud as ever
The voices settle, I am pulled from my own thoughts, 'Dance'
'Dance' 'Dance' 'Dance' I sing louder and my spirit is lifted
I shut my eyes to close out the blackness, and they show me
They show me how to dance, what to wear, what it means
They show me how to love, how to care, how to live
They show me why I was left behind, why I am here, who I am

I see them.
I /will/ dance.
I /will/ sing.

They have shown me love, and understanding in a world where there is no love, or understanding. They have shown me the way.

I hear them.
I /will/ dance.
I /will/ sing.

I wake to find paper, and pencils, my family has spoken

I must listen.
I /will/ dance.
I /will/ sing.


I hope you enjoyed this. I also hope nobody has read it the wrong way.

OneidaDreamer 09-09-2007 09:08 PM

Interesting a bit redundant in the beginning. But overall a nice piece.


Migiziwomen 09-14-2007 09:28 AM

I thought this was amazing in the amount of emotion you put in, I really feel your pain in travel, and understanding. your grieving process, and your healing that has begun. there were tears threatening me by the time I reached the end. powerful.

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