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Paul G 11-22-2006 05:10 PM

Walk with the Warriors
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Walk with the Warriors - Nov 4.th @ Washington DC
Walk With the Warriors
Hey everyone, just letting you all know about an event that's going down Nov.4th! Check out the Website www.warriorwalk.com
(then click on events!)

Hope to see you there! Native people have always respected and welcomed home their Warriors, come walk with us.

We Walk for our Acestors,
Walk for those who have already paid the Ultimate Price,
Walk for those who are still surving on Active Duty,
Walk for those who have already done their time,
Walk for those who are still to come,
Walk for the Gold star Mothers and Blue Star Mothers!

During the time of Vietnam many of our White Brothers and Sisters were not welcomed home by their own people but not us!!!!!

To this day after each Powwow I have been in, they sing a Veterans Song to honor and thank all Veterans, and all Veterans are welcomed into the circle regardless of race or creed, we welcome thier families to come in and honor their family members how have served.

After they have sung the Veterans Song and the drums are silent we stand in the circle and we look around the circle and we welcome all who have come in and for the Veterans that are in the circle, WWW II vet's, Vietnam Vet's, Desert Storm Vet's, Peace time Vet's, it doesn't matter we all go around and shake each others hands and we say "Welcome Home" today things have not changed we honor not only ourselves by doing so but we honor who we are and we remember where we come from!
Semper Fi!

P.S. If you can make it to the Pipe Ceremony let me know ASAP so that I can put get your name on the list so that you can get access to the building! I know this is last minute but get the word out with some cyber smoke signals!

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